The Best Food For Dachshund Weight Loss

An overweight pet is one difficult problem to tackle and dachshunds have a hard time with it so figuring out the best food for dachshund weight loss is integral.

The Dangers An Overweight Dachshund Can Face

Extra pounds can negatively impact a dog’s health, and that leads to more troubles down the line. A dachshund has a unique body with a long spine, a feature that can suffer from the added weight. 

Course Correction 

A fully grown miniature dachshund should weigh less than 11 pounds and be fed around ¾ cup of food. An adult standard doxie weighs between 16 to 32 pounds and needs between 1 and 1 ¾ cups of food. 

Fibers are necessary to include in a weight diet for a dog, as they provide bulk without much-added calories. Carbohydrates are also important in a weight loss diet for a doxie. 

Making A Plan To Help An Overweight Dachshund

Reducing Food Intake

From the main portioned meal of the day you can keep a few kibbles pieces and offer them as treats. 

Accurately Calculate Portions 

A vet will be able to assure if the portion is accurate and suggest how much nutrients would be needed. This method is effective but it may not work out for every dog. 

The Green Bean Method – Best Food For Dachshund Weight Loss 

Green beans are one such food that can be added to a dog’s food to make them feel full while not contributing to weight gain.

Making sure that a doxie is at a more ideal weight will prevent health problems that could arise. Back problems are one of the most prevalent and extra weight only makes these issues worse.

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