The Cocker Spaniel Dachshund Mix Is A New and Spectacular Designer Dog Breed

Also known as a Docker or a Spaniel Doxie, the cocker spaniel dachshund mix is a new and spectacular designer dog breed. This gorgeous mix between two already cute scenthound breeds is playful, social, and affectionate.

What Are The Key Physical Characteristics Of the Cocker Spaniel Dachshund Mix?

As both cocker spaniels and dachshunds are fairly small, so is the Docker dog crossbreed. These canines will usually grow only as far as 9 to 13 inches in height (23 to 33 cm) or about 25 lbs in weight (11 kg)...

The Unique Personality Of The Docker Dog Crossbreed

Crossbreeds will often have a very varying personality depending on which parent the mix takes more from. However, with the Docker dog, both its parents are scenthounds.

As far as intelligence is concerned, this crossbreed is up there with other hound breeds. Both cocker spaniels and dachshunds were bred to be very intelligent, trainable, and with a strong instinct for following commands and performing tasks...

How Smart Is This Crossbreed?

How Much Exercise Does The Dachshund Spaniel Mix Need?

The cocker spaniel dachshund mix requires a medium amount of exercise but it needs it regularly as it’s prone to obesity. As a rule of thumb, about an hour of physically demanding exercise outdoors should be enough for this breed, coupled with some playtime indoors...

How Healthy Exactly Is A Dachshund Mixed With Cocker Spaniel?

With a good diet, plenty of exercise, and regular vet check-ups, your cocker spaniel dachshund mix should have a long and healthy life. The average lifespan seems to be between 12 and 16 years, similar to that of dachshunds. More is possible with the right care, however...

In short, docker dogs are excellent pets for families with kids. This is an especially suitable breed for those who love spending time inside and are only looking for a buddy for two nice walks a day.

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