The Doxiepoo – The Remarkable Poodle and Wiener Dog Mix

The poodle and wiener dog mix is one of those adorable combinations that can come with traits from either parent but is always friendly and easily sociable.

Personality Traits Of The Poodle And Wiener Dog Mix

Why do most kennel clubs not recognize mixed breeds like the Doxiepoo? The main reason is that there isn’t much consistency in what personality traits the mixed pup will have. This isn’t ...

Doxiepoo Physical Activity Needs

As both poodles and dachshunds have mid-to-high energy levels, you can expect your Doxiepoo to be the same. If the pup takes after its poodle parent it will ...

All mixed breeds have the potential to either inherit all the worst genetic predispositions of the parent breeds or none of them. With the ...

Heath Basics Of The Dachshund Poodle Mix

Physical Characteristics Of The Poodle And Wiener Dog Mix

As both the dachshund and the poodle can come in various coat types and sizes, so do the Doxiepoos. These mixed pups can be white, creamy, grey, black, brown, or any combination of the above.

The Pros And Cons Of The Poodle And Wiener Dog Mix

Doxiepoo pros:

 * A very unique and adorable breed, get a Doxiepoo if you want something special.  * ...

Doxiepoo cons:

 * Doxiepoos are prone to separation anxiety due to how incredibly social they are.  * ...

All in all, the poodle and wiener dog mix is a breed that can be recommended to almost anyone. They can get a bit too competitive with other pets but a skilled dog owner can always train them to get along.

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