The Reason Dachshunds Have Such Long Bodies and Short Legs

Doxies are certainly one of the more unique-looking dog breeds out there. Why are dachshunds so long, however, and why does that matter? 

Are there other dogs with long bodies and short legs?

Most of them are either scent hounds like the dachshund or just new pet breeds.

Doxies are usually the first breed to pop in our minds when we think of short-legged dogs but there are a lot of other examples.

The Basset Hound is quite similar but that breed’s body type is more “chunky” and so they don’t look as long.

Corgis and Pekingese also have long backs but their fluffier coats and wider bodies also hide that fact better than dachshunds.

What is the longest body dachshund?

Finding the longest dachshund is actually not easy as there are quite a few contenders for the crown.

The famous dachshund Hurricane Ike is often cited based on photos but the exact length of the dog isn’t even clear.

There are also many people on message boards claiming to have dogs as long as 5 feet (150 cm) or even 63 inches (160 cm).

Dachshunds are the result of random genetic mutations and centuries of selection, just like any other breed (and species, really).

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