Unique Color Combination Blue Based Red Dachshund - Price Tag


what is this unique color combination, what do you need to know about it, and is to too rare to find reliably?

What Does A Blue Based Red Dachshund Look Like?

It has a gorgeous blue base with red or tan spots on its mouth, neck, chest, and legs.

Why Does A Blue Based Red Dachshund Look Like That?

This “dilute gene” is responsible for turning all black dogs into blueish grey and all chocolate dogs into a soft Isabella color.

How Rare And Expensive Are Blue Based Red Dachshund Dogs?

Indeed they are.

Do Blue Based Red Dachshund Dogs Have Any Extra Health Problems?

They can have extra problems precisely because a lot of disreputable breeders inbreed dilute color dogs to produce more blue or Isabella puppies.

The only unique health aspect of the blue based red dachshund that can’t be avoided is the increased risk of Dilution Color Alopecia.

If all this is fine by you then, yes, a blue based red dachshund can be a phenomenal pet for you.

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