What Can Dachshunds Eat – Dog Food, Human Food, And Allergies


Dachshunds are a bizarre breed in many ways but is that reflected in their diet? Let’s go over what can dachshunds eat – dog food, human food, and allergies.

What Can Dachshunds Eat?

An emphasis can be given on foods with extra calcium and phosphorous as dachshunds do need to keep their bone and back issues in check.

Do Dachshunds Have Food Allergies?

The most common dog food allergies to keep in mind relate to stuff such as dairy, eggs, chicken, beef, soy, and wheat gluten. 

- This will very quickly teach your dog to beg for food - It’s just extra calories the dachshund doesn’t need - Many human foods are either toxic for dogs

Can I Give My Dachshund Human Food? What Can Dachshunds Eat?

What To Do If My Dachshund Has Eaten Something It Wasn’t Supposed To?

If you do see stuff such as rashes, passing air, burps, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, do call your vet and explain everything in detail. 

List Of Poisonous Foods For Dachshunds – What Can Dachshunds Eat

- Cherry pits (you can de-pit the cherry) -  Raw yeast dough -  Lemons and limes -  Nutmeg -  Alcohol  -  XYLITOL  -  GARLIC AND ONIONS

Dachshunds don’t really have any extra food issues or notes compared to other breeds. It can be said that it’s especially important to keep dachshunds from getting overweight as they are prone to weight issues.

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