What Do I Need To Know Before Getting A Miniature Dachshund?


Picking a new or first dog can be a complicated process that involves lots of research. 


 A miniature dachshund will be about 12 to 14 inches tall (31 to 35 cm) and 9 to 11 pounds heavy (4 to 5 kg).

Health Predispositions – Miniature Dachshund Dogs 101

Mini Doxies don’t have any extra health issues compared to standard dachshunds but that doesn’t make them “healthy”

Physical Trauma

The risk of physical trauma is greater with such a small breed.

Bred For Hunting – Miniature Dachshund Dogs 101

Mini Doxies weren’t bred as a toy breed.

Smart But Hard To Train

Mini Doxies are very smart but that doesn’t make them easy to train.

Potty Training – Headache

Be especially well-prepared for potty training as that’s the bane of most first-time Dachs owners.

Is this all there is to know about mini Doxies? Of course not! 

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