What Is A Chocolate Based Cream Dachshund Exactly?


Here’s one dachshund color that’s very difficult to find – what is the chocolate based cream dachshund and how to tell it apart from other Doxies? 

What Is A Chocolate Based Cream Dachshund Exactly?

Let’s look at their two colors – chocolate and cream – separately.

What Gives A Dachshund Its Cream Color?

The cream color in dachshunds looks quite a bit like the common tan dachshund color but with a lighter and more creamy note to it.

How About The Chocolate Part Of This Dachshund’s Coat?

similar to how tan/cream are variations of red.

How Can You Tell A Chocolate Based Cream Dachshund Apart From A Chocolate And Tan Dachshund?

If you try to compare a chocolate/tan dachshund with a chocolate/cream one you might be able to tell the tonal difference between the two.

How Expensive Is A Chocolate Based Cream Dachshund Puppy?

A chocolate/cream dachshund won’t be as expensive as a clean English Cream dachshund but it will still be north of $1,000 in most cases

Both tan and cream are variations of the red base color of dachshunds – one of the only two base colors dachshunds have together with black.

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