What Is A Long Haired Multi Colored Dachshund? A Unique Beauty


There are many gorgeous dachshund colors with long-haired Doxies being especially pretty. 

What is a multi colored Dachshund called?

There is no one name for multi-colored Doxies.

In fact, there are many different terms you can encounter as each color combination has its own name.

What is the rarest color in Dachshunds?

When talking about dachshunds, most people imagine a short haired black & tan or just tan dog.

And those are indeed the most common colors dachshunds come in.

Blue and tan is also a very cool and rare look as it comes from a recessive gene combination.

What colors do long haired Dachshunds come in?

The dachshund breed can come in dozens of colors and color combinations.

Add the several different coat lengths and types, and Doxies are one of the most diverse breeds in terms of appearance.

These dogs can come in sold-color, bi-color, and tri-color coats as well as in various brindle or sable color patterns.

The rarest coat types can cost well into the 4-digit price ranges whereas the more common color patterns can be found easily in the low hundreds.

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