What Is The Average Size The Lab Dachshund Mix Get?


The Dachsador or Doxiedor is a very peculiar and cute crossbreed. However, what is the standard dachshund lab mix size you can expect?

How big does a lab dachshund mix get?

As this is an unrecognized crossbreed there isn’t a set-in-stone standard to rely upon

Can a lab mix be small?

It certainly can, although you shouldn’t expect that small of a size from a properly bred and healthy lab mix. 

What is the smallest Lab mix?

Realistically, however, a Labrador Retriever shouldn’t be bred with any dog that’s too much smaller than the lab.

How big will a dachshund lab mix get?

So, it can be almost as big as a lab (up to ~70 pounds of weight or 32 kg)

Both parent breeds of the Dachsador are pretty healthy overall but they are not immune to health issues.

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