What Is The Normal Weight For A Different Types Of Dachshunds?


Deciding to get a dachshund one will realize how many different sizes this breed comes with and a miniature dachshund size chart could help.

Dachshund Sizes

Dog breeds are unique in many regards, but even among the same breed differences can be evident.

The Standard Dachshund

The most widely encountered size of dachshund is the standard one which measures 8 to 9 inches from their withers. 

The Miniature Dachshund Size Chart

Somewhere around 11 pounds is the average but in most cases, it’s less than 11 pounds.

Rabbit Dachshund

The smallest size of dachshunds is one that is not even recognized by the American or British kennel club.

Jackshund Doxies

The height of a Jackshund total between 8 and 23 inches.

Why It’s Important To Know Dog Sizes?

Among many facts to gather before deciding which dog to get, size may not seem all that important at first.

Diet and Exercise

When it comes to feeding a dog, knowing their current and ideal weight will factor in.

Consulting a miniature dachshund size chart to establish what would be the best fit for a new owner is invaluable.

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