What Is The Rarest Dachshund Color?


Dachshund puppies may come in dozens of colors and patterns but few are prettier than a shaded red long haired dachshund puppy.

What is the rarest Dachshund color?

Doxies come in a lot of colors and some of them are so absurdly rare that they aren’t even recognized by many kennel clubs.

This can make it difficult to estimate which ones are rarer than the rest, however, most experts agree that the rarest dachshund color is most likely the fully black one.

This can seem puzzling at first as black and tan Doxies are incredibly common. In fact, virtually all dachshund coat colors and patterns —

are based on variations of the red and black colors and their diluted or shaded versions. However, due to a quirk of genetics, —

a whole lotta genetic stars have to align for a dachshund to have a fully black color with no other hues mixed in.

How much are red long haired dachshund?

Red long haired dachshund puppies are incredibly gorgeous but they are also relatively common. This means that their price usually —

isn’t all that high, at least not compared to some of the rarer dachshund coat colors and patterns. Typically, a red long haired dachshund’s —

price will be equivalent to the overall averages of the breed – anywhere between $400 and $1,500, depending on whether the pup is purebred, healthy, and whether it comes with the proper certificates.

What is a shaded Dachshund?

Shaded Doxies have the fairly common for the breed red color, however, it’s tinged with a nice dark hue.

This gives them a unique look as the occasional black hair sticking in between the red ones creates a gorgeous shaded hue. 

This technically makes shaded red dachshunds “bi-colored” but not in the sense of being spotted.

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