What Were Dachshunds Bred To Do Originally And Why Does That Matter Today?


Dachshunds are an incredibly popular and beloved pet breed but what were dachshunds bred to do originally and why does that matter today? Are their infamous back problems due to their initial breeding?

What Were Dachshunds Bred To Do Originally?

Dachshunds were first bred as a scent hound hunting breed in Germany some 6 centuries ago. Their main targets were the badgers that plagued the German forests.

Were Miniature Dachshunds Bred As Hounds Too At First?

Most miniature dog breeds were first created specifically as pets.

While we know what were dachshunds bred to do, there isn’t a complete agreement on this.

Which Breeds Were Dachshunds Bred From?

Doxies may not look like fierce hunters to most people but that’s exactly what they were bred to be and what many of them still are in Europe.

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