What You Need to Know About The Irish Cream Miniature Dachshund


Dachshunds are awesome. Cream dachshunds – even more so. But what exactly is the Irish Cream miniature dachshund?

What is the rarest miniature dachshund?

The English and Irish Creams are both very rare, especially on a miniature dachshund.

However, it’s the full black mini Doxie that’s typically cited as the rarest type. 

How much do cream dachshunds cost?

Cream dachshunds – both the English and Irish Cream – can be quite pricy.

So, for an English or Irish Cream you can usually expect to pay somewhere up to $2,000 or $2,500 on average.

Are cream dachshunds born black?

This is a common misconception – neither the English nor the Irish Cream dachshunds are born black. 

The English Cream is actually born even lighter in color than it is as an adult and it simply gets a bit darker with age.

Is The Irish Cream Miniature Dachshund Expensive and Is It Worth It?

This coat type is pretty expensive, yes, especially on a miniature Doxie.

You can expect to have to pay somewhere around $2,500 or more.

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