When Do Dachshund Puppies Open Their Eyes?


Doxies may be playful and energetic puppies but not in their earliest days when they can’t even see properly. 

When Do Dachshund Puppies Open Their Eyes?

Any newborn dachshund will have its eyes closed for anywhere between 10 and 14 days after birth.

What If My Doxie’s Eyes Aren’t Open After Its Second Week?

Most of the time there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Some dachshunds, especially the smaller pups in the litter, can develop slower than others.

Of course, even if your pup’s eyes open normally and there are no health problems to deal with, the pup is still not going to be able to see clearly for a while. 

When Do Dachshunds Start Seeing Clearly?

Should You Protect Your Puppy From Direct Sunlight and For How Long After Birth?

Indeed. Regardless of when do dachshund puppies open their eyes, you should keep direct sunlight or overly bright lamp light away from them. 

Dachshunds’ eyes will take two or three weeks to open and then a few more weeks to clear out and improve to their full potential. 

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