When Do Dogs Eyes Change Color


You probably know that puppy eyes change color with time. But exactly when do dogs’ eyes change color and what causes this amazing transformation? 

When Do Dogs’ Eyes Change Color?

Typically, all puppies start with bright blue eyes. However, as adorable as those are, most of them change over time, usually into black or brown. The dog’s eye color change starts around the fourth week of your puppy’s life but it takes longer than that to finish.

Why Do Puppies Eyes Change Color?

Now that we know when do puppies eyes change color, the next question is why. The reason is actually the same as with cats, people, and other mammals – it’s that the pigment melanin in the dog’s eyes takes time to develop fully. 

As for why puppies always start with blue eyes – technically they don’t. Puppies actually start with clear eyes because there’s barely any melanin in them right after birth..

Why Are Puppies Always Born With Blue Eyes?

How Can You Know What Your Dog’s Final Eye Color Is Going To Be?

Very often you can’t. However, there are some clues you can use to guess with relatively good certainty. These include the dog’s breed, its parents, as well as its coat type. We’ll cover all of those in more detail below.

The Connection Between Breed and Eye Color

If you want a blue-eyed dog, there are a few breeds that have a drastically higher chance to be blue-eyed as adults. Some are in this list because of genetics, others – due to their coat types which we’ll explain in more detail in a bit...

If you want to be sure that your dog will have the eye color you see, wait until the 3rd or 4th month before you adopt or buy the puppy. By that time the final color will either be fully solidified or it will be apparent what that color is going to be.

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