Where Are Dachshund Dogs From Originally?


Every breed has its place of origin, the country or area where they were first domesticated or crossbred. So, where are dachshund dogs from originally?

Where Are Dachshund Dogs From?

The official and quite undisputed origin of the dachshund breed is Germany. They were bred there in the 15th century from other hound breeds such as the bloodhound and the Biberhund.

What Were Dachshunds Bred For In Germany?

The dachshund’s name translates as “Badger hound” in German and that’s precisely what these dogs were initially bred and used for. 

Would it surprise you to know that mini Doxies were also used for hunting? They were initially bred to help hunt rabbits.

Were Miniature Dachshunds Also Used For Hunting?

A Symbol Of Germany

The dachshund Waldi was the official mascot of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, for example.

The Surprising Ancient History Behind The “Where Are Dachshunds From?” Question

Most experts agree that they were bred from other hound breeds such as bloodhounds and Bibarhunds, however.

So, Where Are Dachshund Dogs From After All?

We know for a fact that dachshunds were bred from other hound breeds there in the 15th century with the express purpose of being the idea badger-hunting dog breed. 

They are less used for hunting in the US where they are preferred as pets. However, even in the states, some hunters use them to get rid of prairie dogs or to track deer.

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