Why Are Dachshunds So Long And Why That Matters?


Doxies are certainly one of the more unique-looking dog breeds out there. Why are dachshunds so long, however, and why does that matter?

Why Are Dachshunds So Long?

They actually aren’t, at least not as much as they seem to be. Dachshunds look long when you examine their proportions but the actual reason for that is that their legs are extra short.

Do Dachshunds Have Dwarfism?

You might see people calling the dachshund body shape a type of dwarfism. In fact, we’ve phrased it that way too. And that’s not wrong as chondrodysplasia is a type of dwarfism trait.

You might be wondering how exactly are short legs a beneficial trait to have for hunting. Well, it turns out that a short dog is quite well-suited for hunting

What Were Dachshunds Originally Bred For?

So, why are dachshunds so long? Because of chondrodysplasia/dwarfism mutation and selection for badger hunting.

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