Wondering How To Calm Down Your Dachshund?


Doxies can be a rowdy bunch so you might be wondering when do dachshund puppies calm down and become more manageable?

When Do Dachshund Puppies Calm Down?

When do “puppies” calm down? Well – never, dachshund puppies are always overly-excited and playful.

Dachsund Behavior By Age

0 to 2 years – the hyperactive puppy and teen years 2 to 4 years – the early adulthood of calmer but still very playful

When Do Dachshund Puppies Calm Down Based On Their Sub-breed Or Coat Type?

There are three main types of dachshunds based on their coats – long-haired, wire-haired, and smooth or short-haired.

Do Doxies Calm Down After Neutering/Spaying?

The idea that dogs calm down after neutering/spaying seems to be somewhat of a bit of a myth.

Will Separation Anxiety Remain A Problem Even Once Your Dachshund Becomes An Adult?

Separation anxiety is a fact of life for dachshunds as it is for many other breeds.

Like all other dogs and mammals, really, a dachshund will naturally calm down with age. However, this isn’t exactly a quick process. 

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