Yorkie Mixed With Dachshund – The Adorable Dorkie


Few dogs are better named than a Yorkie mixed with dachshund – the adorable Dorkie can mane a phenomenal family pet for many people. But what kind of dog is a Dorkie, exactly?

Personality Traits Of A Yorkie Mixed With Dachshund

His mix between a dachshund and a Yorkshire terrier is also called a Dorkie terrier and a Doxie Yorkie. Just like it has multiple names it can also have different character qualities. Like most crossbreeds, the Dorkie can take its personality traits from either parent’s side.

Yorkie and Dotson Mix Exercise Needs

If you’re looking for an apartment dog that doesn’t need too much outdoor time, the Dorkie is an excellent choice. Similar to both its parent breeds, this Yorkie mixed with dachshund will be perfectly satisfied with two brisk 20-30 minute walks per day.

Dachshunds and Yorkshire terriers are relatively healthy breeds and so is the Dorkie.

Health Basics Of The Dachshund Yorkie Mix

Dorkie Pros and Cons:

Pros: – The Dorkie is excellent with kids and babies – This small breed is fantastic for apartment dwellers... Cons: – The Dorkie isn’t aware of its miniature size so you should keep this pup away from larger breeds – Excessive barking is occasionally an issue so may need to look into no-bark training...

Physical Characteristics Of A Yorkie Mixed With Dachshund

As both its parents are already pretty small, the dachshund Yorkie mix is also very tiny. This is still a new cross so there isn’t a set-in-stone standard but Dorkies tend to fall in the 5 to 12 pound (2.2 to 5.5 kg) weight range and the 5 to 10 inch (13 to 25 cm) size bracket.

As far as small dogs are concerned, the Dorkie is one of the newest and best types. Playful, friendly, social, healthy, and with a long lifespan, this is a great companion dog. It is a new breed so there are some unknowns around it.

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