What is the life span of a dachshund?

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Dachshunds are small, short-legged dogs that were bred to hunt badgers in Germany. They range between 11 and 22 inches long with a weight of 2 pounds or less. The canines have been around since the Middle Ages but they didn’t become popular until the 1800s when Queen Victoria had one as a pet. There is no such thing as an average dachshund life span so it’s hard to tell how old this breed may be at any given time…

Dachshunds are a type of long-haired dog that is typically bred for their short, stocky legs. They are known to have a life span of about 10 years. Dachshunds usually die from cancer, old age, or other medical conditions. Read more in detail here: what do dachshunds usually die from.


The “male dachshund lifespan” is an interesting question. Dachshunds typically live for 10 to 12 years.

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