Devastating Corgi Dachshund Mix Health Problems Revealed!

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If you’re considering getting a Dorgi, then you need to know the most common corgi dachshund mix health problems to look out for. Like most designer hybrid dogs, the corgi wiener dog mix comes with its own potential issues that any potential owner should be aware of. Let’s find out everything you need to know about the most common corgi dachshund mix health problems, and how to avoid them!

What Is A Corgi Dachshund Mix?

It is no surprise that in recent years the breeding of designer hybrid dogs has become hugely popular! It all started many years ago with the labradoodle – Labrador crossed with a poodle – and since then, many pedigree dogs have been combined to create some fun and unusual mixes.

However, many pedigree dog breeders feel that creating hybrid dogs is a bad idea, due to the high risk of genetic deformities and health problems. Often two dogs that are not at all alike are bred together, and the outcome is not always as good as expected.

So, what about the corgi-dachshund mix – is this a good or bad idea? Well, the good news is that these two dog breeds have similar body and facial shapes, so breeding them together does not sound too outlandish.

 corgi dachshund mix health problems

But both of these breeds are predisposed to some health problems which may be exacerbated when the two are combined.

Careful selection of suitable parents can help to reduce the risk of such issues, but they may never be able to eliminate them altogether.

So, let’s take a look at the most common corgi dachshund mix health problems and how to avoid them!

What Are The Most Common Corgi Dachshund Mix Health Problems?

The biggest problem with both corgis and dachshunds stems from their characteristics long back. This body shape puts the spine and soft tissues of the back under immense pressure, meaning that both these pedigree breeds are predisposed to back problems.

The most serious of the corgi dachshund mix health problems to be aware of is intervertebral disc disease, which is common in both these pedigree dog breeds. So, by crossing the two together, breeders may well be inadvertently increasing the risk of back problems in their offspring. Intervertebral is an incredibly painful disease where the soft discs between the vertebrae of the spine become dislodged, potentially resulting in paralysis of the dog.

Another corgi dachshund mix health problem to be aware of is degenerative myelopathy, another serious spinal condition. Corgis are also prone to hip dysplasia and epilepsy, and these conditions may appear in any offspring of affected dogs.

If you own a corgi, a dachshund, or a cross between the two, it is essential to take steps to minimize strain on your dog’s back. These dogs should not be allowed to run up and down stairs, jump in and out of cars, or leap onto or off objects raised from the ground. Steps and ramps can be used to limit the height they have to jump up and down from furniture.

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How To Choose A Healthy Corgi Dachshund Mix Puppy

If you’ve decided that a corgi-dachshund mix puppy is the right fit for you and your family, you will need to do some careful research to find a puppy that is healthy and free from hereditary diseases.

When dog breeders breed pedigree dogs, the parents are normally screened for hereditary diseases. This process involves a number of breed-specific tests to ensure the dog is free from common problems that may be passed on to the offspring.

For dachshunds, this normally includes eye screening at a specialist clinic, and specific DNA testing to identify dogs that carry genes for certain disorders. Corgis can be tested for degenerative myelopathy, muscular dystrophy, blood disorders, and hereditary eye conditions. As corgis are also prone to hip dysplasia, radiographic hip screening is also normally carried out.

Unfortunately, when it comes to hybrid dogs, some breeders will fail to follow the breed-specific testing recommendations. So, if you are considering buying a Dorgi puppy, it is a good idea to seek out a reputable breeder who screens for corgi mix health problems when selecting suitable parents to breed from.

Do Dachshund Corgi Mix Puppies Make Good Pets?

If you can find a healthy Dorgi puppy that is free from hereditary health problems, it will make a great pet. These little hybrid dogs are intelligent, fun-loving, energetic and love to be part of a busy family life. They have moderate exercise needs and need to be kept mentally stimulated to prevent boredom.

Owners of Dorgies will tell you that these dogs prefer to be part of family life and do not thrive if left home alone for long periods. They bond well with other dogs so can be kept in pairs to keep each other company. However, their natural herding and hunting instincts means they may chase smaller pets such as cats.

The grooming needs of a corgi dachshund puppy will depend on the coat type of the parents. A smooth-coated puppy will just need a quick groom once or twice a week, whereas a wire-haired or long-haired dog requires much more routine maintenance.

The size of these hybrid dogs also depends on the size of the parents. The biggest variant is the type of dachshund, which will be either standard or miniature. Corgis are taller and heavier than dachshunds, so any offspring are likely to be larger than their dachshund parent.


So, as we have learned, there are several corgi dachshund mix health problems to be aware of if you are considering getting a corgi weenie mix puppy. The most serious of the corgi dachshund mix health problems to be aware of is intervertebral disc disease, which is common in both these pedigree dog breeds. Other corgi dachshund mix health problems to be aware of are degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia and epilepsy.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the most common corgi dachshund mix health problems! Do you think that these designer hybrid dogs are a big risk due to their health problems? Or maybe you’ve been breeding dotson corgi mix puppies for some time without any issues? Leave a comment below and we will get back to you!

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