Dachshund Neutering Pros And Cons Explained!

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When it comes to making this tough decision, weighing up the dachshund neutering pros and cons can help you decide what is best for your pet. Most veterinarians advise that neutering is the healthiest option for dogs, but it is not without its risks. Let’s take a look at all the dachshund neutering pros and cons to help you make this difficult choice!

Why Should Dogs Be Neutered?

It will come as no surprise to you that the dog population is scarily high, with stray dogs roaming every neighborhood and dog rescue shelters full to bursting. To try and combat this, many veterinarians and dog welfare charities are encouraging as many dog owners as possible to get their canine friends neutered.

But apart from the population problem, why should you neuter your dog? If you never plan on breeding from your family pet, is there any reason why you shouldn’t get it neutered?

Firstly, you may find that not being neutered presents some issues when it comes to day-to-day living with your family pet. Some doggy daycare centers only accept neutered dogs, and setting up a doggy play date can also be problematic.

Neutering both male and female dogs also comes with some huge health and behavioral benefits which should not be overlooked.


Female dogs that have been neutered will live longer, healthier life. Un-neutered female dogs are highly susceptible to uterine infections, which can be life-threatening if not treated promptly. Neutering also reduces the risk of mammary tumors, which are malignant in around 50% of dogs.

When a female dog has been neutered, she will no longer come into heat. Being on heat can be a stressful time for a dog, as well as creating an unwanted mess around the house.

There are also health problems that are linked to male dogs that have not been neutered. Neutering a male dog can help to prevent testicular cancer and prostate problems.

Neutered male dogs are also less like to roam away from your home in search of a female to mate with. They become calmer, more relaxed, and friendlier, and are less likely to perform aggressive or territorial behaviors.

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Why You Should Not Neuter Your Dog?

The primary reason why people choose not to neuter their dogs is that they intend on breeding from them in the future. Breeding from a dog is not a decision that should be taken lightly, as there are currently many dogs desperately in need of a loving home.

What Are The Negative Effects Of Neutering A Male Dog?

Studies have shown that there may be an increase in certain diseases in dogs that have been neutered, but the risk of these does not necessarily outweigh the benefits of neutering.

The problems most commonly associated with neutering dogs include joint disorders and cancers. The link between these is thought to be higher in larger dogs, although not in all breeds.

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However, the largest study into this issue found no link between neutering and joint disease or mammary tumors in dachshunds, so it is likely that the benefits of neutering outweigh the risks.

Some people believe that neutering makes male dogs lazy and lowers their metabolic rate, leading to weight gain. If your dog has been neutered you should monitor its weight carefully and ensure that it gets an adequate amount of daily exercise.

What Happens If I Don’t Neuter My Dog?

Female dogs that have not been neutered are prone to health problems later in life. One of these issues is when the dog develops a uterine infection, also known as a pyometra. This can be potentially life-threatening if the infection becomes trapped in the uterus, as it may rupture and cause septicemia.

It is also believed that female dogs that are not neutered are at a higher risk of mammary tumors, and these can be highly malignant and spread to other organs.

How Long Does It Take For A Dachshund To Recover From Being Spayed

When a dachshund is spayed, it will need time to recover from both the general anesthetic and the surgical procedure. Most dogs will be sleepy for the first couple of days, then start to feel more normal.

However, the internal and external sutures take up to 14 days to heal, and the dog must be kept calm during this time. Stick to slow walks on a lead, and do not allow your dachshund to jump up and down off the furniture or steps.

Dachshund Neutering Pros And Cons

Weighing up the pros and cons of neutering a dachshund is an important choice that all dog owners must make. Smaller dogs are less prone to complications as a result of neutering and tend to recover quickly from the procedure.

Most dog owners accept that neutering is the best option for both male and female dogs, as it can prevent serious health problems later in life. However, neutering is not always advisable in older dogs as the risks can outweigh the benefits.

Dachshund Neutering Pros And Cons

The primary reason for not breeding a dog is because the owner intends to breed from it later in life. When deciding whether to breed a dog, its appearance and personality should be carefully assessed to ensure it meets the breed standard. Breeding from a dog with poor conformation or any undesirable characteristics is irresponsible, as these traits may be passed on to the next generation.

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Summary – Dachshund Neutering Pros And Cons

So, as we have learned, there are many dachshund neutering pros and cons! On balance, neutering is normally the healthiest option for the dog, as it can help to prevent painful and debilitating health problems later in life. Most veterinarians will recommend that dogs are neutered unless they are intended to be kept for breeding.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on dachshund neutering pros and cons! Are you a firm believer in neutering all dogs that are not intended to be kept for breeding? Or perhaps you’re worried about whether neutering is the best option for your beloved dachshund? Leave a comment below and we will get back to you!