Why do Dachshunds Love Licking Your Face?

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Have you ever wondered why your adorable Dachshund can’t seem to resist showering your face with slobbery kisses? Well, it turns out, there’s a charming explanation behind their insatiable love for licking your cheeks. These small, long-bodied pups have a natural instinct to lick as an expression of affection and to establish a connection with their beloved owners. But that’s not all! There are also some surprising health benefits associated with those wet, sloppy smooches. So, get ready to learn all about why Dachshunds can’t get enough of licking your face!

Behavioral instincts

Natural behavior

One of the reasons why dachshunds love licking your face is due to their natural behavioral instincts. Dogs, in general, have a tendency to use their mouths and tongues as a way to explore the world around them. Licking is a natural behavior that stems from their instinctual need to investigate their surroundings and establish a connection with others.

Maternal instincts

Dachshunds, like many other dog breeds, possess strong maternal instincts. This instinct often manifests itself through licking, as it is a way for them to groom and care for their puppies. When dachshunds lick your face, they may be displaying their maternal instincts, treating you as their own and ensuring your well-being.

Hierarchy and submission

In the world of dogs, establishing a hierarchy is crucial. Licking is one way that dogs show submission and respect to those they view as higher-ranking members of their pack. When a dachshund licks your face, it can be seen as a sign of acceptance and submission, acknowledging you as the leader or a beloved member of their pack.


Expressing affection

Licking is a common form of communication for dachshunds that allows them to express affection towards their loved ones. By licking your face, they are displaying their love and adoration, aiming to strengthen the emotional bond between you and them. It’s their special way of showing you how much they care.

Establishing connection

Your face holds a variety of scents and pheromones, which dachshunds can detect through their extraordinary sense of smell. Licking your face enables them to establish a deeper connection with you by familiarizing themselves with your unique scent. It’s their way of creating a stronger bond and recognizing you as an important part of their life.

As a form of greeting

When dachshunds lick your face, they might also be using it as a form of greeting. Dogs use scent to gain information about their environment, and by licking your face, they are collecting important information about you. It’s their way of saying hello and getting to know you better, marking you with their scent and identifying you as a friendly individual.

Sensory exploration

Investigating scents

Dachshunds have a keen sense of smell, and they love using their tongues to explore scents. When they lick your face, they are investigating the different scents that linger on your skin. This behavior allows them to gather information about your daily activities and the people or animals you may have interacted with, satisfying their curiosity.

Tasting and analyzing

In addition to exploring scents, dachshunds also use their tongues to taste and analyze the world around them. They may find the taste and texture of your skin intriguing, leading them to lick your face as a way to satisfy their curiosity about new and interesting flavors. It’s their way of experiencing the world in a more sensory-driven manner.

Curiosity and exploration

Dachshunds are naturally curious creatures, and licking your face is one of the ways they satisfy their curiosity and explore their environment. Your face holds a wealth of information and sensations for them to discover. By licking your face, they are engaging in an exploratory behavior that allows them to understand and familiarize themselves with the world around them.

Social bonding

Strengthening the bond

Licking your face is an effective way for dachshunds to strengthen the bond they share with you. It’s a behavior deeply rooted in their social nature, as they engage in mutual grooming to solidify social bonds within their packs. When they lick your face, they are transferring this communal behavior to you, aiming to deepen the emotional connection between you and them.

Creating a sense of belonging

By licking your face, dachshunds are reinforcing your sense of belonging within their pack. They see you as a member of their family and display their acceptance and inclusion through this behavior. It’s their way of expressing that you are an integral part of their social unit, and they value your presence and companionship.

Developing trust and security

Dachshunds are highly sensitive beings that thrive on trust and security. By licking your face, they are signaling their trust in you and seeking reassurance of your trustworthiness as well. This behavior allows them to feel safe and secure in your presence, knowing that you are someone they can rely on. It’s their way of building a strong foundation of trust and mutual dependence.

Health-related reasons

Salt and mineral cravings

Dachshunds, like many other dogs, may have cravings for salt and minerals. The small amount of sweat on your face can contain traces of salt, which may be why your dachshund enjoys licking your face. They are instinctively drawn to the taste and may find it satisfying to fulfill their natural dietary needs through this behavior.

Dry or chapped skin

Licking your face can also be attributed to your dachshund’s desire to alleviate any dryness or discomfort you may be experiencing on your skin. Their saliva contains natural enzymes that can provide a mild soothing effect, potentially relieving dry or chapped skin. It’s their way of offering comfort and assisting in your well-being.

Oral health concerns

Licking your face can have oral health benefits for your dachshund as well. Their saliva contains enzymes that help control oral bacteria, promoting cleaner teeth and gums. When they lick your face, they may unintentionally be transferring these beneficial enzymes to your skin, potentially contributing to maintaining your oral health as well.

Imitating their pack

Mimicking grooming behaviors

Dachshunds are social animals and learn a great deal from observing and imitating the behaviors of their pack members. When they lick your face, they might be copying the grooming behaviors they have witnessed or received from other dogs. By imitating these actions, they are expressing their desire to bond with you and emulate the behaviors of their canine companions.

Copying human actions

Dachshunds are known for their ability to imitate human actions. If they see you engaging in activities involving your face, such as applying lotion or washing your face, they may mimic these actions by licking your face. It’s their way of trying to understand and connect with you on a human level, mirroring your behavior as a way to forge a stronger bond.

Learning from their environment

Dachshunds are incredibly perceptive and observant. They closely watch and learn from their environment, including interactions with their human family members. If they see you responding positively to their licking behavior, they may learn that it is a way to gain attention, affection, or a desired outcome. Through this observational learning, they can adapt their behavior to receive the response they seek.

Attention-seeking behavior

Desire for interaction

Dachshunds are social beings that thrive on human interaction and attention. Licking your face is a behavior that often attracts immediate attention from their human counterparts. They have learned that this action prompts a response, whether it be verbal or physical, creating a gratifying interaction that satisfies their desire for attention.

Eager for playtime

When dachshunds lick your face, it can also be an indication of their eagerness for playtime. Dogs often use their mouths and tongues as a way to engage in playful behaviors, and licking your face may be their way of expressing their excitement and anticipation for a fun and interactive session of play.

Prompting response and engagement

Licking your face is a deliberate action that dachshunds use to prompt a response and engage with you. Whether they are seeking attention, playtime, or simply desiring a reciprocal interaction, this behavior is their way of initiating communication and inviting you to respond. It’s their form of reaching out and inviting you to participate in their world.

Affectionate nature

Expressing love and attachment

Dachshunds are renowned for their affectionate nature, and licking your face is one of the ways they express their love and attachment towards you. By lavishing you with licks, they are conveying their deep emotional connection and the bond they share with you. It’s their heartfelt way of saying, “I love you” and reinforcing the affectionate relationship you have.

Seeking emotional connection

Dachshunds are highly attuned to their human companion’s emotions and seek to establish emotional connections. Licking your face is a way for them to gauge your emotional state, offering comfort and support. They are sensitive to your needs and attempt to forge a deeper emotional connection by displaying their care and concern through this affectionate behavior.

Showing loyalty and devotion

Through their consistent licking of your face, dachshunds demonstrate their unwavering loyalty and devotion. They aim to be a constant source of love and companionship in your life, and their actions reflect their steadfast commitment to you. Their licks are a physical manifestation of the loyalty and devotion they feel, reminding you of the special bond you both share.

Comfort and reassurance

Providing comfort

Licking your face can be incredibly soothing and comforting for both dachshunds and their human companions. The repetitive motion of their gentle licks has a calming effect, releasing feel-good endorphins and reducing stress or anxiety. When they lick your face, they are providing you with a sense of comfort and tranquility, offering solace in their presence.

Easing anxiety or stress

Dachshunds are perceptive creatures that can sense when their human companions are experiencing anxiety or stress. Licking your face is their instinctual response to offer solace and reduce any emotional turmoil you may be facing. By engaging in this nurturing behavior, they aim to alleviate your worries and provide a much-needed source of emotional relief.

Offering reassurance

When dachshunds lick your face, they are offering reassurance and support. Their unconditional love and presence are powerful sources of comfort, and their licks symbolize their commitment to being there for you. It’s their way of reminding you that you are never alone and that they are by your side, ready to provide reassurance and comfort whenever you need it.

Instinctual habit

Ingrained behavior

Licking, as a form of communication and interaction, is an ingrained behavior in dachshunds. It is deeply rooted in their instincts, passed down from their ancestors through generations. Dogs have been engaging in licking behaviors as part of their evolutionary development, shaping the way they communicate, bond, and express affection towards their human companions.

Hereditary inclination

The inclination to lick is often hereditary in dachshunds, with various genetic factors influencing their behavior. Certain traits that facilitate communication and social bonding, such as licking, are encoded in their DNA and passed down to future generations. This hereditary inclination towards licking your face is a testament to their ancestral roots and serves as a reminder of their natural instincts.

Evolutionary origins

The act of licking has its origins in the evolutionary history of dogs. Ancestors of dogs used licking to communicate with their packmates, stimulate social bonding, and maintain cleanliness within the group. Dachshunds, being descendants of such ancestors, still retain this evolutionary behavior. When they lick your face, they are honoring this ancient tradition, connecting with their ancestral roots, and displaying the deep-seated instincts that have been ingrained within them throughout history.

In conclusion, dachshunds love licking your face due to a combination of behavioral instincts, communication methods, sensory exploration, social bonding, health-related reasons, imitation, attention-seeking behavior, their affectionate nature, the need for comfort and reassurance, and their instinctual habits. Whether it’s showing affection, establishing a connection, exploring scents, seeking attention, or providing comfort, the act of licking your face is a multifaceted behavior that represents their inherent characteristics and the deep bond they share with you. So, embrace those slobbery kisses from your dachshund as their way of expressing their love, loyalty, and desire to be a part of your life.