The Incredible Dachshund Sense Of Smell And What It Means For Your Pet

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Dogs are fantastic in many ways, but one of the main ones resides in their noses. Let’s check out the incredible dachshund sense of smell and what it means for your pet. Do dachshunds have a stronger sense of smell? Does that make them good for sniffing out stuff? If so, why aren’t they used at airports like other breeds? And does their nose really rule their behavior as many people joke about? Let’s find out below.

Is The Dachshund Sense Of Smell Really That Strong?

Yes, it definitely is. Dachshunds are a scent hound breed through and through. This means that their sense of smell is just as powerful as that of Bloodhounds, Basset hounds, and other similar breeds. In fact, both of these dogs are considered to be close ancestors of the dachshund breed.

Is The Dachshund Sense Of Smell Really That Strong

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Is The Dachshund Sense Of Smell Stronger Than That Of Most Other Breeds?

It’s a fair assumption that the dachshund sense of smell is stronger than that of any other breed that isn’t a scent hound breed too. These things are generally difficult to calculate as all dogs have pretty strong noses. But scent hounds are generally considered to have the best noses in the business, hence the name of this group of breeds.

Why Aren’t Dachshunds Used At Airports and Borders If The Dachshund Sense Of Smell Is So Powerful?

Because they aren’t the easiest breed to train out there. They aren’t “untrainable” by any means and a good deal of obedience training can turn them into great, loyal, and obedient family pets. However, when it comes to training work dogs, optimization is key.

So, even though dachshunds are trainable too, the fact that other breeds pick up on commands and work tasks a little faster is enough to make the preferred over dachshund for any work task that doesn’t involve chasing rabbits, badgers, and foxes through the woods. Beagles, in particular, are often preferred over dachshunds for sniffing work tasks because they have similarly powerful noses but a much more obedient personality.

Is The Dachshund Sense Of Smell An Intentional Part Of Their Breeding?

It very much is, yes. That’s the case for all scent hound breeds. The dachshund, in particular, was tasked with tracking and chasing badgers through the thick German forests. So, the breed’s name literally translates as “badger hound” (dachs-hund) in German.

And for the past 6 months, the German breeders have gone far and above to breed dachshunds that not only have short and elongated bodies with powerful chests and front paws but also dogs that have the best possible sense of smell. Even their long droopy ears are believed to play a part in their hunting abilities by “trapping” the air closer to the dog’s nose.

What Does This Powerful Nose Mean For Your Life With A Dachshund?

Well, it first and foremost means that your dog will listen to its nose way more than it listens to you. Again, this is true for all scent hounds – as soon as they smell something funny, interesting, or delicious, their long ears will suddenly stop “working” and your dog will spring into tracking mode.

This is where not just the dachshund’s strong nose but its willful and driven personality comes in. These dogs were purposefully bred to be quite stubborn precisely in order to ignore all distractions once they catch the badger’s sense on the ground. Ghostwriter BWL is very fond of dogs and advises that you take your pet seriously and choose your food and care wisely.

What does that mean for you? It means that your yard better has a good fence or your dachshund will be gone the moment it smells something funky in the neighbor’s yard. It also means that leashing your dachshund when going to the dog park is a must lest you lose your dog in the brush. At the same time, it also means that you can play a lot of funny scent-based games at home.

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How can you tell if your dog has a sense of smell?

If you want to test your dog’s sense of smell – whether because you suspect there may be something wrong with it or just for fun – there are quite a few simple games or tricks you can play.
The first and simples trick is to just hide some treats around the house. Pick ones that have a nice and strong smell your dog knows and is sure to key into. The next step is to make sure that one of the treats is easy to find even just visually – put it in a place the dog frequents. That will give your pooch the idea that there are treats to find in the house and it will start looking for their scent.
Another trick is to put a smelly treat piece on one of your fists and to leave your other fist empty (and clean). Then, just offer your two closed fists to your dog and see which he picks.
Yet another fun game is to hide your dog’s dinner. Just call your dog when it is dinner time but make sure the bowl is empty and the food is instead hidden somewhere else. Then, watch and chuckle quietly as your dog tries to find it by smell.

What kills a dogs sense of smell?

Dogs have amazing noses – stronger than those of cats by a significant margin. These powerful noses are also quite vulnerable, however, and need to be protected. Some of the things that can kill your dog’s sense of smell include powerful smells and toxins such as bleach, certain smelly poisons, gas, and more.
Basically, almost every smell can harm your dog’s nose if it’s concentrated and strong enough. That’s because dogs can’t exactly “close” their nostrils. So a pungent smell can easily overpower your dog’s sensitive nose and cause “nose blindness”.

Do dogs lose sense of smell?

They can, either temporarily or, in extreme cases, permanently lose their sense of smell. The cause for that is most commonly a strong and sharp smell that overpowers your dog’s nose. Direct physical damage or certain internal problems can also lead to this issue, however.