Dachshund And Cavalier King Charles Mix – A Unique Dashalier Pet

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If you want a small or medium-sized dog with a fascinating personality, we’ve got something interesting for you. The dachshund and Cavalier King Charles mix – a unique Dashalier pet. This new crossbreed is an excellent family pet for many different reasons. It has a joyous and social personality, a healthy physique, and a long lifespan. These and other qualities make them fantastic family pets. But are they suitable for every household and should you choose a Dashalier over other breeds?

What Does A Dachshund And Cavalier King Charles Mix Look Like?

The one thing we can say for certain about this crossbreed’s appearance is that its size is always on the small side. With both Doxies and Cavalier spaniels being relatively small dogs, their mix is also usually just 13 to 20 inches tall (33 to 50 cm) and 15 to 25 pounds heavy (7 to 11 kg). Aside from the size, everything else about this crossbreed’s looks can be all over the place.

The coat of the Dashalier, for example, can be short, long, wavy, and anything in between. The muzzle will usually be medium-length but can be longer and narrower like that of a dachshund. The legs will be short but exactly how elongated the body is going to be also, varies. The shedding should be moderate – neither too much nor insignificant.

As for the colors, they too can vary greatly – brown, black, white, cream or red are the most common ones. The ears should be long and floppy, and the eyes – brown.


Dashalier Temperament

This is what makes the Dashalier such a great family pet – it marries the calm and aristocratic mentality of the Cavalier spaniel with the adventurous and strong-willed dachshund. Naturally, the resulting crossbreed can vary between those two opposites.

However, in most cases, you can expect a playful and mischievous dog that’s nevertheless easier to train than a standard dachshund. Especially with good obedience training, you should have no issues with such a dog. Be ready for a longer potty training period, however, as that’s normal for dachshunds and their crossbreeds. To properly judge a pup’s character, it’s smart to take a look at its parents as well as the rest of its siblings.

Whether calmer or more playful, a Dashalier should always be good with strangers, kids, and other pets. Of course, proper socialization is still a must but both Doxies and Cavaliers are ok with other dogs, people, and kids when socialized well.

One thing to note is that separation anxiety is almost always an issue with these dogs. That’s the case for both parent breeds too as well as for all smart and social dogs. This does mean that Dashaliers don’t really tolerate being left home alone for too long. If you work away from home, it’d be best if another family member is always home when you’re away. If that’s not an option, you may look into pet sitters, dog walkers, a second pet to keep your Dashalier company, or just a way for you to take your pet with you.

Cavalier Dachshund Mix Exercise Needs

As a small and short-legged dog, the Dashalier doesn’t really need that much exercise. About an hour a day, divided between two 30-minute walks outside should be enough for a standard adult Dashalier. You don’t even need a yard with these dogs as they’ll easily get all the extra playtime and exercise they need at home.

Besides, with small dogs overexercising them can be just as big of a problem as not giving them enough exercise. In dachshunds and their crossbreeds, in particular, overexerting your dog comes with the risk of sudden back pain problems. So, two quick walks a day and enough indoor playtime is usually perfect for these dogs.

Dachshund And Cavalier King Charles Mix Health And Lifespan

As both dachshunds and Cavalier spaniels have relatively long lifespans, so does the Dashalier. On average, you can expect a 12 to 14-year lifespan of this breed – not quite the 16 years of the dachshunds, but still close. Besides, that’s just an average. A healthy dog that’s well-taken care of can easily live for even longer than that and up to 20 years in some cases.

Of course, the long lifespan doesn’t mean that these dogs are always healthy. Like all animals, a Dashalier does have a few conditions it may inherit from both its parent breeds. These include:

  • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)
  • Acanthosis Nigricans
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Mitral Valve Disease (MVD)
  • Thrombocytopenia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Seizures
  • Sebaceous Adenitis
  • Skin allergies

Don’t be scared of the sheer number of possible conditions, however. If you buy a healthy puppy that’s been bred from good stock and by a reputable breeder, you should easily avoid most problems. Such breeders will always offer health certificates for the dog and its parents and will let you check them out in person. And, if you’re adopting, any good shelter or rescue will give you detailed medical information, warning you of the possible health conditions or predispositions of the dog.

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Dashalier Puppies Pros And Cons

cavalier dachshund mix


  • A great and social family pet
  • Easily manageable small size
  • Unique looks and personality


  • Varying physical characteristics
  • Separation anxiety can be an issue
  • Potty training can take a while

Should You Get A Dachshund And Cavalier King Charles Mix?

All in all, the Dashalier is excellent for anyone that’s looking for a mostly-indoors family pet. Small and manageable, these dogs don’t need a yard, require only a moderate time outdoors, and are very easy to look after in an apartment. They are great for families of all sizes and get along with both kids and other pets.

You should pick your pet well, of course – both in terms of choosing a temperament that’d suit you and for avoiding any health issues. That’s always the case, however. So, unless you want a large and more physically active dog to go on hikes with, the Dashalier will likely be excellent for you.

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