Best Shampoo For Long Haired Dachshund And Other Products

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If you get a Doxie with long hair, you’ll soon discover that baths can be a challenge. And that’s even if the pooch likes getting wet. So, here are our suggestions for the best shampoo for long-haired dachshund dogs and other products that may also help you bathe your Doxie properly.

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Best Shampoo For Long-haired Dachshund

Finding the best dog shampoo for dachshund pups can be a challenge. You’ll need to account for various factors ranging from the shampoo’s scent all the way to your dog’s possible allergies. First and foremost, however, you need to look for quality. So, here are our 10 suggestions for what might be your future best shampoo for long-haired dachshund.

Honeydew cleansing dog shampoo for smelly dogs

Honeydew’s shampoo is excellent if your long-haired dachshund likes getting dirty and smelly running around in the yard or dog park all day. It also has a very effective moisturizing formula if your Doxie has dry skin issues.

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care medicated dog shampoo

Dogs with long hair can develop some pretty nasty skin issues before you even manage to notice. If your dog has seborrhea or skin parasites, this Veterinary Formula shampoo is an excellent choice. In addition to that,  the shampoo is also perfectly balanced for general skin and coat health and shine.

Everyday Isle of dogs silky coating dog shampoo

Scented with jasmine and vanilla, this Isle of Dogs shampoo is gentle and moisturizing. It creates a very soft and silky coat, regardless of its length and type. It also has a lot of skin nutrients and is perfect for promoting skin health.

RELIQ Natural Mineral SPA shampoo jasmine for dogs

For super soft bathing with lasting odor control, the RELIQ SPA offers a great formula with no soap and no oatmeal. Instead, it’s 100% natural and tear-free too. It’s also nutrient- and vitamin-rich and excellent for your dog’s skin health.

2 Pack Nuesta pet shampoo for dogs & cats

Lavender-scented and very gentle thanks to its Aloe Vera and apple extracts, this Nuesta dog shampoo is excellent cleansing, detangling, and moisturizing.

Burt’s Bees for dogs 2 in 1 dog shampoo & conditioner

A shampoo and conditioner combo, Burt’s Bees is great for ensuring a perfect-looking coat. It’s also made with a tearless formula, meaning that you can more comfortably and confidently wash your pet’s head and ears. It includes natural and high-quality ingredients such as buttermilk, linseed oil, and others. It’s free of any artificial fragrances and colorants.

Arm & Hammer super deodorizing shampoo for dogs

The Arm & Hammer shampoo is excellent for removing the persistent odor many long-haired dogs often have. It then replaces it with the soft and pleasant scent of kiwi. It also has a gentle and all-natural formula that doesn’t agitate either the skin or the hair of the dog.

TropiClean dog shampoo

Another shampoo and conditioner combo, this TropiClean product comes in several different bottle sizes. It’s soap-free, dye-free, and paraben-free, and it has a sweet fruity scent. It’s great for both cleansing the skin and coat while also conditioning the hair as well as possible.

BioSilk detangling shampoo for dogs

Moisturizing and nutritional, the BioSilk shampoo is also very affordable. It’s created from the same quality ingredients as the ones used for their human shampoo line and it’s especially good for getting rid of the nastiest tangles and mats – things that every long-haired Doxie owner dreads.

TropiClean PerfectFur long-haired coat shampoo for dogs

Another great candidate for the best shampoo for long-haired dachshund dogs, this TropiClean shampoo has a sweet citrus scent and is excellent both for detangling and for hydration. Like other TropiClean products, it’s also fully made out of natural products.

Best Dachshund Bathing Brushes And Accessories

dachshund soap

Bathing a dog is about much more than just pouring shampoo and water over the pooch in the bathtub. Bathing even the calmest and most tolerant dog can be a hassle, especially if it has long hair. So, you’d also want to get some extra accessories such as bathing brushes, shower spray nozzles, and even a bathtub table. Here are our suggestions:

Dog slicker brush hair dryer

One of the issues with bathing dogs with long hair is the drying process afterward. This is where KUUBIA’s hairdryer with a slicker brush combo comes in. It’s quiet, powerful, and effective, perfect for any dachshund.

Bodhi dog new grooming pet shampoo brush

Even the best shampoo for long-haired dachshund pups can be ineffective if you can distribute it properly through your dog’s long fur. A grooming shampoo brush like this one from Bodhi Dog can be a great helper in this regard.

Aquapaw dog bath brush – sprayer and scrubber tool

A combination of a bathing brush and a shower head sprayer, this Aquapaw product is quite effective. It will help you both properly rinse your dachshund as well as remove any excess fur and tangling.

Waterpik PPR-252 pet wand pro shower sprayer attachment

Waterpik’s showerhead wand attachment is another great tool for fully and thoroughly bathing your dog. Regardless of how long your dog’s fur is, this shower wand will help you rinse, shampoo, and then rinse it again as quickly and effectively as possible.

Furesh Elevated Folding dog bathtub and wash station

Bathing a dog can be tricky for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is having to bend over the bathtub for some time. You can easily fix this with a foldable and practical doggie bathtub like the one made by Furesh.

What Makes For The Best Long-haired Dachshund Soap Or Shampoo Product?dachshund bathing

A long-haired Doxie’s shampoo should be nutritious enough to ensure healthy hair. It should also keep the skin moisturized and soft too. Detangling is another important task for any shampoo or soap you want to get as long-haired dachshunds can have issues with their hair getting tangled up. Aside from that, the rest is a matter of general quality and personal preference.

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