How To Housebreak A Dachshund, How Long Does It Take, And Should You Bother?

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Getting a new puppy is as fun as it is challenging. So, here’s how to housebreak a dachshund, how long does it take, and should you even bother? We’ll go over not only the step-by-step process of housebreaking a dachshund puppy but also why it’s so much trickier than it is with other breeds, how long it’s supposed to take, and whether there even are any alternatives.

How To Housebreak A Dachshund?

We can sum up the whole process of how to housebreak a dachshund in the following 6 steps:

  1. Take some time off work so that you can keep an eye on your Doxie 24/7. If that’s not an option, arrange a schedule with the rest of your household – there should always be someone with your dog. The moment you see it shaking, sniffing corners, or starting to lift its legs/squat – pick up your dog and run outside.
  2. Arrange for constant potty breaks throughout the day. A young puppy can go once every two hours so that’s what you should plan for.
  3. Even if your dog has started to wee/poo – pick it up and take it out anyway. Don’t punish your dog – it’s just important that your pup learns that this kind of thing belongs outside.
  4. Always go to the same place at first – it’d make it easier for your dog to get the idea.
  5. Reward your dog with pets or even a treat every time it does its job outside.
  6. Your routine should include midnight breaks too. Crate training can help minimize the need for midnight potty breaks but you should still go out for those at least a couple of times a night in the beginning.

How To Housebreak A Dachshund

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Why Is It So Difficult To Figure Out How To Housebreak A Dachshund?

Simply put – because dachshunds are a scenthound breed. This isn’t to say that all hounds are as stubborn as the dachshunds but most are pretty close. It’s a part of their breeding – scenthounds are supposed to follow their noses and instincts, and not to listen to distractions. This makes them awesome hunters in the field but quite problematic when their instincts tell them to mess up your carpet. So, stuff such as obedience training and housebreaking is more time-consuming with a dachshund.

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How Long Should It Take To Housebreak Your Doxie?

If you do everything right, housebreaking a dachshund shouldn’t take longer than two or three weeks. If you do everything right and you get lucky, it can be even faster than that. However, if you’re not persistent enough and/or you get a particularly stubborn Doxie, you may be in for over a month or more. Regardless, the solution is always the same – patience and persistence.

Should You Give Up Trying To Housebreak Your Dachshund At Some Point?

That’s very ill-advised as there isn’t really an alternative to housebreaking your dog. If your dachshund never gets into the habit of doing its toilet business outside, you’re going to have to use toilet pads at home. That’d be similar to having a litter box for a cat only messier, more expensive, and more annoying. So – if you are going to get a dachshund, prepare yourself for some diligent housebreaking.

Is Figuring Out How To Housebreak A Dachshund Really That Much Harder Than It Is With Other Breeds?

On paper, it is. Dachshunds are indeed more stubborn than most other dog breeds. This is one of the many reasons why they are so cute and fun to live with. In practice, however, dachshunds are individualists, like any other dog. So, some Doxies are extra stubborn while others are surprisingly obedient.

You can try and predict which category your dog is going to fall into by observing it in its litter, however, there are no guarantees. So, if you are getting a Doxie, you should be prepared for the worst – a long housebreaking process.

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Can you housebreak a Dachshund?

You can and you should. However, you should also steel yourself for a long and arduous process. As a scenthound breed, dachshunds have a strong drive to follow their instincts and do things their own way. Which, in terms of house breaking, means to ignore training and do their business right in the middle of the living room carpet.
So, when house breaking a dachshund you should be as meticulous and persistent as possible.

How long does it take to potty train dachshund dogs?

Do everything right and you can be done in two or three weeks. In rare cases – even sooner. If you’re not persistent enough, however, the whole exercise can last months. It’s not that rare for some dachshund owners to just give up and have their dog use pads indoors for all its life. But given that dachshunds have a very long expected lifetime, you should think twice about whether you want to go that route or not. In the grand scheme of things, it really is better to invest the two or three weeks in the beginning.

Should I crate train my dachshund?

Crate training can make house breaking easier and less messy, especially during the night. It should be done with care, however, as the crate isn’t meant to be your dog’s punishment or prison. Additionally, crates have many other uses further down the dog’s life which may or may not be applicable in your case such as moving, having to deal with back issues rehabilitation, etc. So, going through crate training together with the house breaking can also be an investment for the future.

How do you train a stubborn Dachshund?

With extra persistence, praise, and the occasional treat. There really isn’t a magic trick here, sorry. Dachshunds are very food-motivated, so you can use that to your advantage as an extra treat when the dog does what you want it to. But the rest is just persistence and patience – go out often, go to the same spot, praise your dog when it manages to hold it, don’t punish or yell when an accident happens, and then repeat the whole thing over and over again until your dachshund gets with the programming.