Great Dane Dachshund Mix – The Impossible Dog

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Dogs can be very different and often peculiar but few are weirder than the Great Dane dachshund mix – the impossible dog! If this crossbreed sounds like something that shouldn’t exist, that’s because it is. Great Danes and Doxies can’t physically breed, not to mention that a female dachshund can’t possibly give birth to such a crossbreed. Yet, this mix does exist as rare as it is.

So, what do you need to know about the Great Dane Dachshund mix? We’ll cover the basics below.

Is The Great Dane Dachshund Mix Even A Real Breed?

It is and it isn’t. A Great Dane Dachshund mix is “real” in so far as such dogs exist. However, they are not a “natural” breed because these two parent breeds can’t possibly procreate in nature. It would even be generous to call these dogs “a designer breed” as virtually all reputable kennel breeds denounce this crossbreed.

 great dane dachshund mix

Still, some breeders or even amateurs cross these two breeds from time to time. So, while it’s uncommon, you can still see Great Dane dachshund mixed dogs for sale, in shelters, or in the dog park.

How Can The Dachshund Great Dane Mix Even Be Bred?

Typically – through artificial insemination. With some mixed breeds where there’s a size difference between the two parents, it is possible for natural copulation with a small female from the larger breed and a large male from the smaller breed.

However, the size difference between Great Danes and dachshunds is so absurd that it isn’t feasible for two dogs of these breeds to successfully copulate. So, artificial insemination is the usual method used by breeders. It’s also worth noting that the female dog must always be a Great Dane. That’s because a female Doxie often won’t be able to give birth to dogs that are larger than a standard dachshund.

Do Kennel Clubs and Breeders Recognize The Great Dane Wiener Dog Mix?

By and large – no. If you go out of your way you may find some kennel clubs that haven’t explicitly banned this breed, especially outside of the US. However, most – if not all – reputable kennel clubs denounce this breed. We don’t even have a specific name for this breed similar to Daug for Doxie/Pug mixes or Dusky for Doxie/Husky crosses.

What Are The Physical Characteristics and Exercise Needs Of The Great Dane and Dachshund Mix?

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Outlining a specific set of physical characteristics for this mixed breed is basically impossible. That’s mainly due to two reasons:

  1. There aren’t that many dogs of this cross because it’s not officially recognized and bred.
  2. The resulting mixed pups can vary wildly in both size and physical characteristics.

If we are to give some overall summary on how a Great Dane Dachshund mix can look, we can note that most pups are closer to a dachshund’s size than to a Great Dane’s. This is a somewhat atypical cost most mixes fall in the middle of their two parent breeds.

A likely explanation may be that Great Danes are the ones who are “more out of the ordinary” in terms of size. Dachshunds, on the other hand, while small, are actually a pretty average size for a dog, especially standard dachshunds.

As for other physical characteristics – those can really go either way. This cross can either have average to long legs like the Great Dane or short legs like the dachshund. It can have elongated bodies like the Doxie or a bit more average proportions. The muzzle can either be narrower like that of a dachshund or wider like that of a Great Dane.

The coat of this mix can also vary in color as both breeds can come in different colors too. It is usually short and sleek, however, especially when the dachshund parent was shorthaired as well.

What Is The Personality Of The Great Dane Dachshund Mix?

One consistent and inarguably great quality of this mixed breed would be its temperament. Both dachshunds and Great Danes have a very mild, gentle, and well-mannered nature which their owners love. Great Danes are famous as the gentle giants of the canine world as they are outright skittish at times. Both parent breeds love to be around people and to spend most of their days snuggling in your arms or legs.

So – the same goes for their crossbreed, especially with proper socialization. The only problem is that this isn’t reason enough for these dogs to be crossed – you can just take a Doxie if you want a loving and social small dog or a Great Dane if you want a larger cuddly dog.

Health Specifics Of This Unique Crossbreed

The health of this mixed breed is its biggest downside and it’s why kennel clubs don’t approve of its breeding. No matter how well-mannered and gentle these dogs are, that doesn’t justify all the health issues they usually have. These include:

If you’ve read other breed descriptions here, you’ve probably noticed those issues listed pretty often. However, the difference here is in how likely each of those problems is. Great Danes and dachshunds are actually pretty healthy breeds. Their risks of such diseases are only present in improperly bred and cared-for dogs.

With the Great Dane dachshund mix, however, all of those and other health problems are very likely to happen. That’s almost regardless of how the dog is bred and cared for as there isn’t any standard in the breeding of these dogs. This is the biggest reason why we would urge you and anyone else against the breeding or purchasing of these dogs.

Is This Dog Right For You?

If you want a gentle and loving dog from a unique breed, and if you don’t mind the extra health expenses – then, yes, you may be the right owner for such a dog. But we wouldn’t say that you should actively seek out such a pup – there are other gentle and loving dogs from rare and unique breeds out there.

If you do see such a dog in a shelter, however, and you’re up for the health challenges – sure, such a dog will still give you a lot of nice experiences and it’d be great if you can make its life better and easier.

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