Remarkable Facts On How Do Dachshunds Sit

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The sit command is one of the most elementary ones any dog owner wants their dog to learn, but how do dachshunds sit with their long spines? Regardless of whether they will follow the command, a Weiner dog sitting can look quite odd at times. 

Dachshunds have long backs because they have been bred to hunt badgers and be able to fit in tight spaces. The hunting background makes them very active dogs, with quite the courageous stance. Long spines are defining feature of dachshunds, also fondly associated with hot dogs, but they can also pose health risks.

Regular Sitting Position And Puppy Sitting

Young and very young puppies usually have a certain atypical way of sitting, with their legs off to the side. As a puppy grows, it also grows out of this sitting stance. Sometime after about 2 years, it will start sitting straight up with the hips under the body. 

Sitting with their legs right under their hips is considered the normal sit pose. This initial pose is not something to worry about too much as a puppy grows up. If however, this persists it can be an indicator of something more problematic. 

How Do Dachshunds Sit?

How should a Dachshund sit

How do dachshunds sit and how should a Dachshund sit are two entirely different things. Ideally, a dachshund would sit on its hips like any other dog past a certain age. But with the different physical features of a longer spine, is it hard for dachshunds to sit? 

It’s something widely known among the community of dachshund owners that this dog sits with its feet to the side. This lack of proper support is something that can affect their spinal discs long-term. Typically it would be wise to avoid this posture so as to diminish health risks.

It can be difficult for dachshunds to actually sit on their hips, and in most cases, they can’t. Ordinarily, an aging dog starts displaying signs of hip problems and back pain by setting to the side. With a doxie, however, this is a persistent issue that is not easy to solve. 

Why Do Dachshunds Sit Up On Their Hind Legs?

When considering how do dachshunds sit we imagine a dog sitting on its back legs with the front paws firmly planted. It’s quite a sight when a dachshund sits upright on its hind legs with the front ones off the ground. This comical pose might instill a chuckle, but it’s also a pose that puts tension on their lower back.

In many cases, a dachshund sitting completely upright can be an indicator of them imitating humans. They might even want their owner’s attention especially if this move has garnered a response in the past. 

It’s also highly likely that they enjoy standing upright. Whatever the reason, it should not be something to encourage, for fear of risking further spinal strain or even injury. 

How Do Dachshunds Sit When Learning To Sit? 

Every owner wants to teach their dog the most basic command of sitting. And even if a dachshund should avoid strain to their back, they are still capable of sitting. Their version of a sit is, of course with their legs to the side. If concern about their back is an issue, the sit command can simply transform to stay or lie down. 

So when deciding how do dachshunds sit, the simplest method is for a dachshund to not sit. Teaching a dachshund to lay down can be their version of sitting, lowering the risk of back injury. 

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How Does Dachshunds’ Sitting Posture Influence Other Behaviors?

Apart from the unusual way in which they sit, back issues that can arise will be signaled by other behaviors. Walking difficulties can indicate some problems they may have with their back. The most common back health problem dachshund can have is intervertebral disc disease

Seeing as doxies look the way they do because of human breeding intervention, intervertebral disc disease is a genetic condition. This disease affects spinal discs by weakening them. Sitting predispositions of dachshunds only exacerbate things further. 

Signs of pain or discomfort come to be seen in the way a dachshund walks or by refusing to walk. Not putting their entire weight on their hind legs is another indicator of discomfort with their back. 

Diminishing The Risks

Not all dachshunds will display signs of back injury in their lifetime. Although a little preparation will go a long way in preventing issues with back injuries. For starters, altering the way in which they sit is an option. Limiting the amount of stair climbing or jumping on the couch is another.

The dachshund is a hunting dog but it’s one that borrows in the ground more than jumps over obstacles. There are ramps for couches that can help smaller breeds like the dachshund climb without risking injury to its back.

Using a crate to stop a dachshund from going overboard with bouncing all over is another option. This way it will give them some time to both cool off and rest. A house with stairs is something that can also endanger their back. A doxie will be able to climb them but they should avoid it more often than not. 

Puppy gates will stop a dachshund from climbing stairs, and carrying them upstairs is fairly easy as they are small. The way in which you pick up a dachshund is another thing to consider. Support its back by lifting them from the chest and back legs. 

Conclusion – How Do Dachshunds Sit?

weiner dog sitting

A small issue like sitting opens up so many other problems with the dachshund. The doxies have an interesting way in which they sit, and an even more peculiar one when they sit up. It’s quite endearing to see a dachshund sitting on their hind legs, maybe with their back leaning on a pillow. 

As cute as it looks, however, it’s something that can impede their health. Due to the pressure, it exerts on the spine, sitting for a dachshund can be a little more difficult. It’s fortunate that there are options to help prevent back injuries for dachshunds.