Quick Tips On Preparing For A Dachshund Puppy

Last Updated on February 4, 2022 by Griselda M.

Preparing for a dachshund puppy or any new puppy that will come into the home, will need a little planning in advance to ensure the best start. Thinking about what you may need in those first few months after the puppy arrives, is a start. 

Knowing the essentials will get you ready for dachshund puppies care. It’s good to have most supplies ready so there will not be a need to rush out for something missing. Supplies are one thing, but research for care is another, as key behavioral techniques need implementation from the start. 

What Should I Do When I First Get A Dachshund Puppy?

One of the most urgent details to take care of when getting a puppy is transferring the microchip details. Sometimes paperwork is involved with this step, especially for breed recognition with any kennel club. There is the possibility that the puppy won’t have a microchip, to begin with, and thus require microchipping

Preparing for a dachshund puppy will require keeping up to date with vaccines. The first few vaccines are some of the most important and need to be implemented before starting outdoor walks. Ordinarily, puppies need to stay with their mom for 8 weeks, thus should have a few of the vaccines already. 

To ensure the best health within the dachshund puppy’s care, ask the vet for the proper flea and worm treatment. Having the dates written down of when the next treatment is due must be a priority from that point on. 

When first getting your dachshund puppy, ask the breeder what food they have been feeding them. This is necessary to keep your new puppy on the same diet to slowly change it to the one you chose.

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Supplies To Buy When Preparing For A Dachshund Puppy

In preparing for a dachshund puppy some basic supplies will need to be bought. For starters, food and bowls are one of the first few items to look for. Usually, a puppy will need a diet of both wet and dry food to prepare its stomach for adult food. 

Some other items that are necessary such as a dog bed for their comfort, a leash, collar, or harness. When the time for walking will come, poop bags will be essential, as well as treats for leash training. Teething puppies will also need something to gnaw on, so chewing toys will keep them busy. 

Are Dachshund Puppies Difficult?

Preparing for a dachshund puppy requires some research into their temperament and how best to go about caring for them. Breed-specific traits for dachshunds include a high level of courage, due to their origin as badger hunters. 

Dachshunds are very clever dogs and may surprise many new owners when facing such small dogs with big personalities. Dachshunds are also very cuddly and will more than likely love to spend time on the couch. Each dachshund will have varying personalities which can be influenced by the environment and its owners as well. 

Preparing For A Dachshund Puppy’s Health Predispositions

Many modern dog breeds have certain genetic health risks that came from extensive human intervention in their breeding patterns. The dachshund is predisposed to some health issues as their appearance attests to human intervention in their breeding. 

A dachshund’s long back is the main reason for some of their health issues, like intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). There are not many things to do about their spine as it is their most defining feature. Preventative measures will extend the health of their spines, which could include preventing jumping and stair climbing. 

Other health issues that can affect a dachshund are progressive retinal atrophy, crushing disease, gastric dilatation-volvulus, and canine diabetes mellitus. Not all dachshunds will display these diseases, but it’s good to have knowledge of them.

Preparing For A Dachshund Puppy – Training Requirements 

An average dog owner will most likely not concern themselves with highly strict training for performative purposes. But some basic training is needed to help create a habit of everyday activities without hassle. 

Potty training is the earliest form of training a puppy undergoes, and it’s probably the longest. This usually implies taking your pup out the moment you see them peeing. As they finish outside reward them with a treat and praise. 

Clean the spot inside the house where they peed with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. This mixture not only masks the smell for us but for the puppy as well and discourages further accidents. It will take some time and many trips outside to get them to understand where they can answer nature’s call. 

Preparing for a dachshund puppy – feeding necessities

When first bringing a dachshund puppy home, feeding them is one of the first priorities. A sudden change in their diet though can cause stomach problems, so a new puppy food should be replaced gradually. 

Exercise And Socialization

Working out a schedule for daily exercise should start from the beginning, even before having all the vaccines. Getting a puppy used to the collar or harness and leash is important. Leave them out for them to smell and interact with as part of leash training

Gradually introducing these tools will make your puppy comfortable with them to easily start walking. Try walking on a leash inside until your puppy can go outside safely. Once they get comfortable with walking on a leash, doing the same thing outside will be different. 

Outdoor stimuli will catch your puppy’s attention and make them not pay as much attention. This is where socialization comes in, exposing your puppy to as many new sounds, smells and environments will desensitize them. Socialization will also imply meeting other dogs and increasing confidence in these new interactions.

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Grooming Needs

Dachshund coats are very easy to groom. Short-haired dachshunds don’t need much apart from bathing if they get very dirty. Longer-haired and wire-haired versions may need a brush once in a while, but not too extensive. The long hair is not thick enough to warrant too much brushing. 


Overall the dachshund is quite a healthy little dog, with minimal grooming requirements and a happy personality. They do tend to be stubborn and display big personalities compared to their small bodies. 

As part of their charm, dachshunds connect very deeply with their owners and become very affectionate. Preparing for a dachshund puppy is fairly easy, especially once all the essentials are taken care of.