Quick Breed Facts – How Long Do Miniature Dachshunds Get?

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The Dachshund breed comes in different sizes and knowing how long do miniature Dachshunds get will make it easier to accommodate one in your home. With such lively and fiery personalities, a doxie is a bundle of joy and a great companion in any home. 

It’s quite convenient, then, that they come in two major sizes, the standard, and the miniature. Distinguishing the difference between the two is something new owners may wish to know. This fact may be important either for breed purity purposes or to make sure it suits their lifestyle. 

How Long Do Miniature Dachshunds Get Compared To Standard? 

The official AKC recognized breed features of the doxie are included within the miniature and the standard versions. Where these two types diverge is in weight and height, as every other trait is the same, including coat coloration. 

The standard variety of Dachshund reaches an average weight of 16 to 32 lbs. They can be about 8 to 9 inches tall and between 16 to 17.5 inches in length. Dachshunds are small dogs in comparison to other breeds. Seeing how small the standard version is one may ask how big do mini Dachshunds get? 

A miniature Dachshund can have an average of 11 lbs and reach 5 to 6 inches tall. Sausage dogs are known to be quite long but what is the average length of a Dachshund? The average length of a miniature Dachshund is somewhere between 6 to 13 inches. 

Certain occasions where a standard Dachshund falls under 12 to 15 lbs means they are neither a standard nor a miniature variety. This effectively creates an unofficial type of Dachshund, fondly called the Tweenies. 

When Does A Dachshund Stop Growing?

At what age do Dachshunds calm down

The loveable, cuddly Dachshund puppy will imminently grow up into confident adult dogs, faster than we can blink. Every dog goes through the same stages of growth, that of puppy, adolescent, and adult. The same is applicable for the Dachshund, both the standard and the miniature version. 

Dachshunds reach their adult size at about 6 to 8 months, but this can vary with each dog. They may still retain some of their more puppy-like features such as a round face of soft fur. It’s expected that they will completely stop growing after 24 months.

Growth And Changing Temperament

The puppy stage is maybe the most active period, where your doxie first starts experiencing the world around them. As a puppy it’s important to get as much social interaction as possible, to ensure a confident adult dog. This is also a good time to start basic training and more importantly, house training. 

Teething will occur in the puppy stage as well and it may even indicate a slight change in behavior. Pain can cause a puppy to become more guarded and lash out at other dogs trying to keep them away. Luckily there are chew toys and teething gels to numb the pain and get through this stage. 

Adolescence is another tumultuous period in a young dog’s life. With so many phases of changing temperaments comes the question at what age do Dachshunds calm down? Usually, after adolescence is when a Doxie will start calming down and come into their own as confident dogs. 

Spaying and nurturing also contribute greatly to improving any wild mood swings they may have. Knowing how long do miniature Dachshunds get is also a good indicator to figure out when they have reached adulthood. 

How To Know If You’re Getting A Miniature Dachshund?

Responsible breeders will match mini Dachshunds’ parents together to make sure the puppies will also be miniature. This however does not guarantee how long do miniature Dachshunds get once fully grown. Puppies from miniature Dachshund parents can grow up to be larger than their parents. 

It can also be quite hard to predict what size a puppy will grow up to be. There have been cases when a potential mini Dachshund grew to weigh more than 11 lbs. Miniature Dachshunds can give birth to standard size Doxies and this can be the case with larger puppies. 

Better established miniature Dachshund breeding programs predict the size of the puppies a lot better. These programs usually have a better grasp of their Dachshund’s lineage and have greater experience with multiple litters from the same parents. 

Despite all these endeavors, sometimes it doesn’t go as planned and different sizes could still occur. A slightly heavier miniature dachshund could also potentially mean they have gained weight. A change in diet could bring your Dachshund back to its regular weight. 


Apart from knowing how long do, miniature dachshunds get, having a base knowledge of weight and other traits is important. Miniature Dachshunds are not that much different than the standard variety, as only size differentiates them on a physical level. 

Responsible breeders are more likely to make assurances regarding the size of adult mini Doxies. The mini Dachshund is a personality-filled little dog and their size doesn’t stop them from running around having fun. Whether getting a miniature or a standard Dachshund, both are marvelous, fun-loving dogs with big personalities. 

What is the average length of a dachshund


How big do mini dachshunds get?

On average, a miniature Dachshund usually goes up to 11 lbs and it can reach 5 to 6 inches tall. In comparison, a standard dachshund can have an average weight between 16 to 32 lbs and a height of 8 to 9 inches. Lengthwise a standard dachshund has 16 to 17.5 inches. There are exceptions where a Dachshund finds itself in between 12 and 15 lbs which do not fit into either category. These Doxies are usually referred to as Tweenies.

At what age do Dachshunds calm down?

Different stages of growth for any dog come with different behavioral changes. Puppies are very energetic and adolescent dogs go through many mood swings. They usually grow out of these phases at about 6 or 8 months, when they reach adulthood.

What is the average length of a dachshund?

The Doxie breed is a long dog, hence why it’s also known as a sausage dog. On average, a miniature Dachshund can be between 6 to 13 inches long, but this depends on each individual dog.