Easy Haircuts For Long Haired Dachshunds

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Dachshunds with long hair are the most high-maintenance and so there are many haircuts for long-haired dachshunds to choose from, for the perfect trim. Doxies are rather clean and don’t exhibit much body odors, but there is some upkeep with the long variety. 

The beautiful locks of a long-haired dachshund can become matted if not properly cared for. Caring for a long-haired dachshund’s coat requires a routine with some basic grooming practices. As a Doxie’s hair grows long it brings the question do long-haired dachshunds need haircuts? Trimming a doxie’s coat is one essential grooming habit necessary for the long-haired version. 

Basic Long-haired Dachshund Grooming Needs

Brushing a dachshund’s long coat is one of the most basic grooming requirements, particularly to avoid matting the fur. Under the legs and around the ears is where most matting can form but it’s not exclusive to these areas. Brushes with bristles or pins are the best for brushing Doxies and help with shedding without forcefully pulling the hair. 

Brushing is also a good opportunity to check for any leaves or foreign objects stuck in their fur. Since some dachshunds display such lustrous locks, they will need some trimming and even choosing haircuts for long-haired dachshunds. 

Bathing a dachshund with long hair is necessary on occasion once a month, because too much bathing strips away natural oils. This can change if the doxie gets really dirty. Shampoo with natural ingredients is the best option for the doxie’s coat, like ones with aloe or oatmeal. 

Trimming is a grooming option for long-haired dachshunds, but it’s not an obligatory one. Trimming around the paws and ears is at most what is needed, but there are plenty of haircuts for long-haired dachshunds. 

Trimming A Dachshund’s Coat 

Do long haired dachshunds need haircuts

Faced with the long mane of a doxie you may be wondering how do you cut a long-haired dachshund? Haircuts for long-haired dachshunds vary according to preference and sometimes according to context. A show dog will have a different coat at competition than on the couch. One may simply want to always have a certain look for their dog. 

The natural look

As the name suggests, haircuts for long haired dachshunds include a natural look where the hair is left to grow. Some grooming still needs to be implemented with this look to maintain a certain level of mobility. Trimming around the undercarriage and the ears is one while combing and trimming paw pads is another. 

Clipping the nails may also be useful to prevent overgrowth. Keeping a longer haircut like this for a dachshund is also beneficial on another level. The extra padding of fur helps regulate body temperature better. 

The puppy cut look

Haircuts for long haired dachshunds can also come with a more dramatic look, one in which the fur gets trimmed. A shaved long haired dachshund will make it look more like a puppy, or a wire-haired variety. This cut is perfect for owners who want to skip some brushing parts of grooming a long haired dachshund.  

A puppy cut effectively makes the high-maintenance grooming of a long haired dachshund much more manageable. This cut is short enough to not need as much brushing but long enough for protection. Keeping this trim consistent will require keeping on top of it with regular trimming, otherwise, it’s back to long hair. 

The best in show look

Meeting somewhere in the middle, there is the best in show trim. There are official show guidelines for this hairdo and it may require a professional groomer’s hand, especially for show presentation. 

Each section of hair is trimmed to a certain length and shape as per the guidelines. The hair of the head and neck get thinned out and trimmed into a specific shape. Hair around the midsection is emphasized into a feathery shape, further illustrating their beauty. 

Additional Grooming Tips 

For home groomers, it’s important to comb out the Doxie’s hair before starting to trim it. This is essential to detangle the hair, clear away foreign objects and stimulate blood flow. When bathing a Doxie, place some cotton balls into their ears so water won’t get inside and avoid ear infections. 

There is the question of how often do long haired dachshunds need to be groomed which depends on requirements. For brushing a long haired dachshund, daily is the usual mark, especially if the hair is kept long. Bathing and trimming are to be done once every three months if there is no need sooner. Nail clipping is probably a necessity each month.


shaved long haired dachshund

The upkeep of grooming a long haired dachshund needs patience and attention. With a little bit of effort and care, the beautiful hair of a long haired doxie can complement their personalities. Some grooming practices are easier than others, while some require a professional groomer’s help, especially when following specific guidelines. 

With a range of haircuts for long haired dachshunds to pick from you cannot go wrong with this cute breed. Whether it’s for a show or to lounge on the couch, a doxie will look stunning with their hairdo.


Do long haired dachshunds need haircuts?

Generally, dachshunds don’t need haircuts, but there are circumstances where a haircut may be necessary. Preference plays a big part in grooming practices and this is especially true with breeds like the dachshund. A haircut could be required to enter a dog competition, for instance, or to take care of some stubborn matting. Some owners prefer shorter hair on their dogs and thus they need a haircut.

How do you cut a long haired dachshund?

When trying to cut a dachshund’s hair at home, brushing the coat is the first step. Then divide the hair into smaller sections with hair clips before beginning to trim. Using a scissor is the best option to cut longer hair into shapes, but a clipper may be needed for shorter cuts.

How often do long haired dachshunds need to be groomed?

Depending on how the coat is to be kept, certain grooming needs will have to be undertaken more often than others. Long haired dachshunds need daily brushing, and little to no trimming if the natural look is the goal. Shorter trims need frequent touch-ups if the coat is to stay short.