7 Top Burrow Beds For Dachshunds

Last Updated on December 27, 2021 by Griselda M.

Dachshund is a dog breed that was bred for hunting badgers and thus has borrowing tendencies, so burrow beds for dachshunds help them consume that energy. There are many options for keeping a dachshund’s burrowing behavior in check, from training to redirecting. The easiest way would be to get them to consume this energy and relax in a cozy bed. 

Burrow beds double as relaxing pads and are constructed to encourage burrowing while offering an inviting bed. Depending on the size and chewing tendencies some burrow beds will work better than others.

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Furhaven Cozy Pet Beds

Furhaven Cozy Pet Beds makes some of the best dog beds for dachshunds. Designed with a blanket hood that can function as both a blanket and cave bed providing ample burrowing opportunities. The inner surface is lined with

warming sherpa fleece, while the exterior layer is made with micro-suede fabric. 

The sitting crate is egg-shaped, equipped with orthopedic foam at the base that helps support joints and pressure points. Easily distributes body weight and helps with air circulation for a peaceful comfy sleep. 

The cover is completely removable and can be machine washed separately. Multiple sizes and colors are available to suit different dogs. The snugly, cozy nestling pet bed design of this pet bed will offer comfort and reduce anxiety. 

SPOT Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave

A cozy cuddle cave, the SPOT Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave has perfect burrow beds for dachshunds. It comes with a plush bed lining at the bottom for cushioning comfort, and high-quality faux exterior suede. 

A full-coverage cave bed like this one is soothing for dogs such as the dachshund, which instinctively likes to burrow. It offers them a sense of calming security to alleviate anxiety and safely act out their hunting instincts. 

This cuddle cave has a variety of colors to choose from, from tan and black to leopard print or brown. Fully machine washable and specifically constructed to keep its shape and soft feel. Its durable material guarantees durability

for multiple cleaning cycles in the washing machine. 

Portable Indoor Pet House

With a recognizable dog house shape, the Portable Indoor Pet House is not only an attractive choice but a practical one. This pet house can function as a dog bed for dogs that like to burrow, as it offers plenty of room inside. 

Made with a polyester foam that shapes itself to whichever positions your pet falls asleep in. The durable material also maintains its shape even for intense burrowers. With a removable cuddle pillow, it works perfectly as a burrow bed for dachshunds or dog beds for dogs that like to burrow. 

The sturdy material is water repellent and offers a soft and smooth snuggling resting spot. Works perfectly as a doggy den, providing privacy and personal space with plenty of space for stretching.

GASUR Cozy Cuddler

A donut-shaped bed, the GASUR Cozy Cuddler makes perfect burrow beds for dachshunds that can engage their burrowing tendencies. All materials used are pet safe and easy to clean in the washing machine. 

The rose swirl pattern of the plush material provides warming and calming features that reduce anxiety. A fluffy hood for snuggling and burrowing can be a blanket or cave, both conveying more comfort to your pet. A chunky brim edge offers head and neck support, filled with high-quality polyester cotton. 

With orthopedic support, it can tolerate more washing cycles without forming any clumps. Aside from the extra support, its breathability maintains air circulation and thus can be used during the summer as well. A larger hood offers more room for your dog to burrow into and find the perfect sleeping spot. 

Tofern Pet Fleece Bed 

A cute pattern dotted bed, the Tofern Pet Fleece Bed is a nice addition to a pet’s comfort. For small pets with heartwarming designs and cutesy igloo-shaped, this bed has your pet’s comfort in mind. Made with soft material without any steel inserts for safe use with support offered by memory foam. The bed takes its shape in a few days and recovers slowly. 

A separate cushion fits inside and offers a nice seat for your pet, and helps with burrowing impulses. Created with high-quality eco-friendly microfiber material, soft fleece, and thick foam offering great padding.

With a waterproof and non-slip bottom, the bed has extra padding at the base to convey a comfortable sleeping experience. The removable inner lining is conveniently easy to take out and wash separately if needed. 

Hollypet Self-Warming Foldable Cave

Made with coral velvet, the Hollypet Self-Warming Foldable Cave is a very soft and comfy bed that can be useful as a hot dog bed for dachshunds. The surround design provides a nice snuggling den for your dog with high elastic foam to maintain its shape. 

Used as both a cave den and a flattened regular bed for whichever preference, it encompasses functionality with coziness. Perfect bed for small dachshunds to also deal with their burrowing instincts. Ideal for use both in warm and cooler weather, providing warmth and ventilation. It comes in two different shades of grey colors and has layers of plush fabric that are easy to clean. 

Pet Tent-Soft Bed 

With a tent design in place, the Pet Tent-Soft Bed offers enough space as burrow beds for dachshunds. The tent shape also offers a sense of security as it holds the doggy in a den-like enclosure. Made from polyfoam that maintains its shape and offers great support as it molds to the current position your pet takes. 

A separate pillow insert that is easy to take out and wash also provides optimum burrowing opportunities. The entire tent is machine washable and does not lose its shape as it dries. Its size also makes it easy to carry for cozy traveling. 


Keeping a doxie happy with the perfect burrow beds for dachshunds is an ideal way of tiring them out. A burrow bed not only helps deal with burrowing behaviors but also offers a snug place for a doxie. A cozy place to find peaceful sleep and a useful spot to dig into before falling asleep. 

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