The Most Beautiful Green-eyed Dog Names

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Bringing a dog home is only the first step in becoming a dog parent, next comes choosing a name that suits them well and green-eyed dog names can do just that. Picking a name for a dog is no easy feat, as we all want something unique and easy to pronounce. 

Once more a name for our dog that they’ll respond to is a must. There are some tricks to a name’s structure that guarantees just that, but most often than not uniqueness is the goal. Choosing names based on physical features is a good start, like names for green eyes.

Names For Green Eyes and Breed-specific

There are a few key features to help choose a dog’s name other than the color of their eyes. Admittedly, green eyes are very rare and some consideration into green-eyed dog names is understandable. The breed is also a factor and a combination of the two will only fit that much better. 

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Green-eyed Dog Names For Huskies

Huskies are one breed that can exhibit green eyes, and thinking about their personalities and behaviors can provide some name ideas. Huskies are most like wolves than any other breed, both in looks and howling tendencies. And so a very good name for a husky is Wolf, or Loup which in French means wolf. 

Secondly, the wolf-like appearance of a husky along with its piercing blue or green eyes may conjure images of packs hunting. Hence the name Hunter can suit a husky very well and goes great with the overall image we may have of the breed. 

Keeping in theme with the hunting image and green wilderness, but for a name more suitable to a girl husky, Artemis fits very nicely. The name of the goddess of the hunt in Greek mythology sounds like a suitable name for a female husky. 

Green-eyed Dog Names For Huskies

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Green-eyed Dog Names For Dachshund

The dachshund breed or doxie has a high potential of exhibiting genetically green eyes due to the merle gene. And so a name that would highlight this beautiful feature, even more, will only add to the sweet-natured dachshund. 

The doxie breed is well known for its small size and with the merle gene their coats display discoloration. This means they will have splatter effects on their fur and in combination with a dash of their green eyes a perfect name emerges. Dash is a great name for a dachshund not only as a name for green eyes but one that also describes their speed when diving for a badger. 

For a sweeter, more endearing name, Kiwi would work brilliantly for a dachshund. Kiwi works great as a green-eyed dog name as it denotes the green of the fruit with the sweetness of the dog’s demeanor. 

Green-eyed Dog Names For Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgis are a rather adorable breed, and with a pair of green eyes, they can be even more charming. Finding a name for a corgi with green eyes to reference this, one may want to signal the beauty in those eyes.

There are many names that signify beauty, such as the French name Beau for a male, which means handsome. A female equivalent can be found in French with Belle or in Italian with Bella, both meaning beautiful. 

Pistachio is a cute name that would fit a Welsh Corgi, and make note of their green eyes as well. The name Pistachio presents as a simple and appealing name for a green-eyed Welsh Corgi, suitable for both genders. 

Green-eyed Dog Names For Welsh Corgi

Nature Related Green-eyed Dog Names 

Hiking and outdoors enthusiasts that take their dog along with them may find inspiration for a name in nature. There are so many words in nature that could be used as names for green-eyed dogs. Plant-related words like Forest or moss are creative names to use for a green-eyed dog. 

Hazel and fern are also some imaginative plant-based words, denoting the color green. Associating names with verdant nature accentuates a green-eyed dog’s charm, only adding to their cuteness. 

Names That Mean Beautiful Eyes

People often try to find names for pets from languages that translate to a specific word denoting a physical feature. As it turns out there are few words from other languages that can be used to describe eyes. 

Sunaina is a female Hindu name with Sanskrit origins that means beautiful eyes. Shalila is another such foreign-language female name from Arabia with African origins that means pretty eyes. Nayana is an additional Indian female moniker that just means eye, but it sounds really pretty as a name. 

Dog Names Inspired By Green Gemstones

Various green gemstone names can serve well as green-eyed dog names. Emerald is a famous green gemstone that can also be used as a perfect name for dogs with green eyes. Culturally it can also reference Emerald city from the wizard of Oz, for a double meaning. 

Jade is another green mineral used in jewelry, that sounds really elegant as a name. The word jade, almost synonymous with the color, can be used when searching for names that mean green eyes. 

In the same vein of jewel names, Peridot fits as a cute name for a dog with green eyes. A green gemstone that sounds lighthearted and sweet as a name for a doggy companion. 

Name For Dogs With Bi-colored Eyes

As with many dogs that display green eyes, some variations of colors appear when each eye is a different color. This variation looks fairly magical, and so a name that reflects just that can be used to heighten the effect. 

Some beautiful names that could relate to the intriguing bi-colored eyes are ones that evoke magical elements, such as Elf. Merlin is another good choice, like the wizard of Arthurian legends. Aurora works perfectly for a female Husky with bi-colored eyes, as in the Aurora Borealis with its shifting green hues. 

Husky with bi-colored eyes


Given the amount of green-colored objects that exist in the world, options for green animal names are limitless. Combining the green color of their eyes with personality, breed, or gender can offer a slew of creative possibilities. Emphasizing these features only makes the name chosen that much more special.

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