5 Best Harnesses For Miniature Dachshunds And Their Specifics

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Dog harnesses are an amazing tool for any breed but are especially useful for Doxies. Here are our 5 best harnesses for miniature dachshunds and their specifics. We’ll go over what makes for a good harness, why they are better than collars, what the different types of harnesses are, and then we’ll mention some of the best products on the market right now.

Collars Or Harnesses For Miniature Dachshunds – Why Is Best?

Harnesses are rapidly rising in popularity for all dog breeds but they are even better for dachshunds. As these dogs tend to have back and neck problems at an older age, a harness is much better than a collar at protecting your dog’s spinal structure.

Many people avoid collars because they don’t want to choke their pets. And, while that is a big factor, there is an even bigger problem with Doxies. By using a collar you will be putting a great deal of pressure on your dog’s neck and its upper spine. That’s exactly where dachshunds tend to develop intervertebral disc disorder (IVDD) as they get older.

In contrast, a good harness will redistribute the weight and pull of your dog all over its chest, back, and neck, dissipating the potential damage of the pull and making it insignificant. So, while collars can be acceptable for other dogs if you train them not to pull too much, dog harnesses are 100% recommended for dachshunds.

Of course, the type and quality of the harness are still crucial as a bad or ill-fitted harness can do more damage than it prevents. So, below we’ll go over the different types of harnesses before we explore the X best harnesses for miniature dachshunds on the market.

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Types Of Mini Dachshund Harnesses

There are three main types of dog harnesses you can choose from, with a lot of design variations between them.

  • Standard body harness – it covers most of the upper body of the dog and reduces the strain on the neck by redistributing it across the chest area. This is what people usually imagine when they think of a dog harness.
  • Back support harness – this type pays extra attention to the dachshund’s extra long back. It’s made to reduce the strain on the back as well as the neck and is usually harder and covers a larger surface area. It also often comes with a back handle if you want to easily and safely light your Doxie up.
  • No, pull harness – this is a “training” type of harness that’s made to tighten up around the dog’s chest and arms when the dog is pulling too much. The tightening is made to be light and harmless, just enough to teach your dog not to pull too much. However, for dachshunds, in particular, the main goal of the harness is to prevent IVDD, so, we’d recommend the previous two types of standards instead.

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Materials For A Harness For Mini Dachshund

There are four major types of harnesses based on the materials involved. All can work great, as long as the design and quality are good enough. So, this is mostly a matter of personal and cosmetic preferences:

  • Mesh harness – good in the summer heat as well as lightweight. Not too durable, however, and doesn’t offer the best back support.
  • Leather harness – expensive but very durable, stylish, and typically great for back and neck support.
  • Fabric harness – easy to clean and typically durable, such harnesses can come in various colors and designs.
  • Nylon harness – very affordable and easy to clean, when the design is good, this can be a safe and effective harness too.

How To Measure Your Dog To Find The Right Fit?

Even the best harnesses for miniature dachshunds can work poorly for your dog if they don’t fit. That’s why it’s important to measure your dog before buying anything. There are three main parameters you’ll need to check with a simple tape measure:

  • Neck girth – measure the widest point of your mini Doxie’s neck
  • Chest girth – measure vertically just behind the front legs
  • Back length – measure from the base of the neck to the start of the tail

It can also be useful to weigh your dog as a lot of harnesses specify what dog weight they are suitable for. It’s possible that you don’t find a harness that fits perfectly. In that case, look for harnesses that are in the ballpark but are easily adjustable and can be fitted to any measurement separately.

5 Best Harnesses For Miniature Dachshunds

If you’re looking for the best harness for miniature dachshunds, here are our 5 suggestions. Note that every dog is different as are every owner’s preferences.
So, some of these suggestions may not be 100% suitable for you and you’d need to look a bit further. Still, we trust that we’ll at least give you some good ideas as to what you should be looking for:

  1. Puppia Authentic Neon Soft Vest Harness BT
    his simple but effective harness gets our first spot. It’s machine washable and perfectly choke-free. It’s easy to put on too, prevents chafing, and is quite affordable.

  1. Ruffwear Flagline Harness
    The fabric of this harness is not at all as stiff as that of other similar brands and it’s great for avoiding chafing. Another big plus is that the chest strap sits further back than with other models which means that it confronts even better to a mini Doxie’s body.

  1. ChokeFree Velpro Dog Harness
    This small and mesh choke-free harness is great for young and healthy dogs. It doesn’t really offer any back support, however, it is great for the hot summer days and it’s very easy to put on.

  1. Voyager Dog Harness
    The popular Voyager harness is made out of colorful fabric with reflective bands on the side. It’s machine-washable, easy to put on and off, and not at all pricey. It may a bit too hot for some dogs in the summer heat, however.

  1. Puppia Vivien Dog Harness
    For an extra stylish option, the Vivien dog harness is made out of a polyester mesh and is very similar to the standard Puppia model. It does come with a sassy design, however, and quite a few extra ribbons and frills on the sides.

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