How Many Times A Day Should I Feed My Dachshund?

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Our Doxies love to eat as much and as often as possible. This brings up the question of how many times a day should I feed my dachshund? Is one large meal a day a good idea or are two meals the norm for a reason? How about three daily meals? Do treats count as a meal of their own? How about “free-feeding” your dachshund? Let’s see below.

How Many Times A Day Should I Feed My Dachshund?

The rule of thumb is that two meals a day are the way to go, accompanied by a few treats during training and playtime. And we do support this norm – it’s easiest to follow for most people who need to go out to work anyway, and it’s a good system for your dog’s health. Of course, the meals need to be of the appropriate size as you wouldn’t want your dachshund to go overweight – obesity is very common for dachshunds and not at all fun.

How Many Times A Day Should I Feed My Dachshund

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How Much Should I Feed My Dachshund?

This will depend on your dachshund’s size as well as the exact type of food. In general, most wet dog food brands say that the daily dosage should be 3 to 3.5 ounces per 3 pounds of dog body weight. This can vary between the different types of food, however. Your dog’s health is also a factor so it’s always smart to talk with your vet before you commit to a certain brand and quantity of dog food. After that, if you’re feeding your dog twice a day, simply divide this daily quantity by two.

And if you like giving your dog treats when training and playing, remember to count those into the overall daily food intake of your dog. Avoiding obesity is key to giving your dachshund a long, healthy, and happy life.

Dachshund Feeding Chart

If you want a more detailed breakdown to not only how many times a day should I feed my dachshund but how much too, here’s a quick chart about the recommended calorie intake of a standard dachshund:

Dog weight Total calories a day Protein calories Carb calories Fats calories
4 kg or 8 pounds 242 55.5 157.3 30.3
6 kg or 13 pounds 363 81.7 236 45.4
8 kg or 17 pounds 484 108.9 314.6 60.5
10 kg or 22 pounds 605 136.1 393.3 75.6
12 kg or 26 pounds 726 163.4 471.9 90.8
14 kg or 30 pounds 847 190.6 550.6 105.9
16 kg or 35 pounds 968 217.8 629.2 121

Are Three Meals A Day A Good Idea?

They are but you’ll need to adjust the size of the meals accordingly. And, again, if you’re also giving your dog treats throughout the day, you should count those into the total food intake of your dog too. In general, treats should amount to more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake.

Are Three Meals A Day A Good Idea

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How About Free-feeding Your Dog?

This can work with some dogs but is a really bad idea for hound breeds like the dachshund. These dogs are very strongly food-motivated and will usually eat everything you put in front of them as quickly as possible. So, free-feeding can very quickly lead to obesity or, at the very least, effectively turn into a one-meal-a-day feeding schedule.

Switching to a strict schedule of two or three separate meals a day is both safer and healthier for your dog, as well as teaches discipline and obedience.

How Many Times A Day Should I Feed My Dachshund Puppy As It’s Growing?

Young pups do need more frequent meals while still avoiding free-feeding. Here’s a simple feeding chart you can follow while your little Doxie grows:

Puppy age Number of meals per day
2 months 4
3 months 4
4 months 3
6 months 3
8 months 2
10 months 2
12 months 2

So, How Many Times A Day Should I Feed My Dachshunds?

Two or three is the best number of daily meals for a dachshund. Or, 2.5 meals, if you count the afternoon training treats as half a meal of their own.


Can dachshunds eat once a day?

They can but they shouldn’t. Not for extended periods of time anyway. Doxies are very strongly predisposed to getting overweight and giving your dog more frequent but smaller meals is one of the key steps to avoiding obesity. The quantity and type of food also matter, of course.
Additionally, if you have to feed your dog once a day for a while (when you’re out of town and someone else comes to feed your dog, for example), it’s better not to give your dog a full daily meal all at once. This will lead to overeating, potential vomiting, and other issues. Instead, it’s better to keep your dog on a slightly lighter diet for a few days if you absolutely have to until you can come back home and switch to a standard 2- or 3-meal-a-day schedule.
Then again, leaving your dog home alone for days at a time is a mistake for many other reasons anyway, so it’s best to avoid it.

How much should you feed a dachshund per day?

This will depend on your dog’s size, weight, age, and health. The rule of thumb for wet food, for example, is 3 to 3.5 oz per 3 pounds of body weight. There are differences between the various food brands, however, and your dog’s health will have something to say about it too. So, it’s usually best to not only follow the instructions of the particular dog food brand but to also consult with your vet first.

Can I feed my dog chicken and rice everyday?

While both chicken and rice are excellent for a dog’s diet, you shouldn’t keep your dog just on that for multiple days on a roll. Dogs also need red meat and certain vegetables so chicken and rice alone just won’t cut it. Giving that combo to your dog for a day or two at a time should be perfectly fine, of course, as long as you’ve got something else planned for the day after that.