Introducing Mini Dachshund Puppy Care Tips and Tricks

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Taking on the responsibility of getting a puppy implies care and so a mini dachshund puppy care comes with its set of implications and needs that must be met. The first few months of puppy care are the most demanding and require the most time and attention. 

Looking into this before the puppy arrives home will make the entire process a little easier. A new dachshund puppy is an excellent addition to a family, with its curious nature and joyful attitude. A few essential care requirements involve things of a physical nature like diet and training but also psychological, providing comfort. 

Mini Dachshund Puppy Care Essentials 

Bringing a mini dachshund puppy into the home, a few things need to be put into place. Answering what do I need for a miniature Dachshund puppy, in the beginning, would mean having food and water. Other elements to include in the first few weeks of caring for a puppy have to do with securing safety. 

Safety and Comfort

A small mini dachshund will want to explore the world, and at first, that will mean the house. Not everything in the home is safe enough for him and the space needs to be made safe. Fortunately, there are certain products that can help with this. 

A puppy pen or crate are useful tools to make a puppy comfortable with a new environment. It can also keep it safe, away from stairs, or cables, until a dog gets accustomed and familiar with them. 

Finding A Good Diet 

It’s important to buy food before the dachshund is brought home. Wet food is usually advised in the puppy stage and gradually introduces dry food, as the puppy grows. The amount of food needed for a growing puppy depends on its weight and age. 

Knowing How much do you feed a mini Dachshund puppy is important. Young puppies generally eat a lot more than they would in their adulthood, mostly because they are growing. A vet would very easily help new owners calculate the amount of food per portion that is needed in a day. 

There is also the issue of foods to avoid feeding a dog. Some common human foods can be used as high-value treats, especially for training. Cheese is one such option, and a few crumbs are safe to give a puppy, but moderation is still vital. 

Finding A Good Diet 

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On the other hand, chocolate or raisins are something to avoid entirely as they can seriously harm a dog. There are many other such foods that should be avoided, and it would be best to check first before feeding anything to a dog.  

Mini Dachshund Puppy Care – Exercise and Training 

A dachshund puppy has a lot of energy and this will need to be released with walking and playtime. Once every vaccine has been administered to a dachshund puppy, it can start to go out for walks. There is also the question of How far should you walk a miniature Dachshund puppy?

Dachsunds are hunting dogs specialized in catching badgers and because of this, they can be quite athletic. An adult dachshund can walk anywhere between 5 to 10 miles in a day, but 2 miles a day is enough.

A young puppy will need to walk less than 2 miles. As it’s still growing and its joints and bones need to fully develop, there is the risk of over-exercise. Puppies also need to play indoors so walking is not the only form of exercise. 

As walking becomes a daily routine, so too does the need to teach a puppy to walks on a leash. The leash and harness have to be introduced slowly and patiently so that the doxie gets used to them. Potty training also comes hand in hand with leash training. Taking a puppy out often teaches it to do its business outside. 

Mini Dachshund Puppy Care – Grooming Needs

Bathing a puppy is necessary only if they get really dirty. Natural oils from the doxie coat maintain the skin and coat, and over-washing strips away these nutritive oils. 

Depending on the coats of a mini dachshund, brushing necessities will vary. Short-haired dachshunds are the easiest to groom by wiping them off with a clean cloth once or twice a week. A long-haired and wire-haired miniature dachshund will need brushing once a week. 

The luxurious coat of a long-haired doxie raises the question are mini dachshunds high maintenance? Different haircut styles are included in the official AKC rulebook, which makes many wonders how much work goes into it. The coat of a long-haired doxies is not a heavy one and so does not require extensive grooming. 

Mini Dachshund Puppy Care – Conclusion

Beginnings are always the most difficult when it comes to bringing a puppy into the home. The same is true with doxies, so don’t let mini dachshund puppy care requirements scare you from this breed. 

A few essential steps are needed to start off proper care of this breed, and then it all becomes routine. From food, and safety, to grooming a mini dachshund is not that hard to care for. What is more, they are very loveable dogs and get very easily attached to their new family. 

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What do I need for a miniature Dachshund puppy?

A few basic essentials are needed for a mini dachshund puppy. A good diet and fresh water are good places to start. Chew toys are vital to help with teething and a puppy pen or crate help in training and keeping them safe.

How much do you feed a mini Dachshund puppy?

The portion size of a meal for a dachshund puppy will depend on the size and age. Between 6 and 12 months, a mini dachshund puppy will need anywhere between 7 and 16 ounces of food a day, spread out in 3 meals.

Are mini dachshunds high maintenance?

Long-haired mini dachshunds are ones that imply the most maintenance at first glance. Caring for a mini dachshund is not quite as extensive as it may seem, and this breed is not that high maintenance.

How far should you walk a miniature Dachshund puppy?

As a mini dachshund puppy start to learn how to walk on a leash, exercise through walking becomes a routine. At this young age, a puppy should not walk more than 2 miles a day, maybe even less depending on weather conditions.