26 Different 3 Different Breeds Of Dachshunds Based On Coat Types


Doxies come in various colors, coats, and sizes, usually categorized as sub-breeds or types. So, what are the 26 different breeds of dachshunds, and what distinguishes them from one another?

What Are The Different Breeds Of Dachshunds?

Technically, there are no different “breeds” of dachshunds. Doxies are all one breed, that’s what being a dachshund is. However, they are distinguished in several different types or “sub-breed” categories based on their size and coat type. 

3 Different Breeds Of Dachshunds Based On Size

The three main sizes distinctions in dachshunds are standard, miniature, and toy. Some people also call the latter teacup or rabbit/kaninchen (the German word for rabbit).

There are three sub-types of dachshunds based on the coat – all of them widely recognized. These are smooth (short-haired), long-haired, and wire-haired dachshunds. 

3 Different Breeds Of Dachshunds Based On Coat Types

Standard dachshunds aren’t necessarily calmer than miniature ones even if we’re used to the idea of bigger dogs being calmer. The color also doesn’t seem to matter much. The only purposed correlation seems to be the coat type.

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