5 Tips For How To Train A Mini Dachshund


Miniature dachshunds often frustrate first-time owners with their stubbornness. So, here are our 5 tips for how to train a mini dachshund.

1. Start Early On

The earlier you start with your dog’s obedience training, the better.

2. Make The Training Sessions Short But Frequent

Dachshunds don’t have the longest attention span so they quickly start getting distracted and disobedient when training.

Dachshunds are very much like cats – they categorically don’t accept negative reinforcement.

3. Never Use Negative Reinforcement

4. You Can Always Use More Treats

People view giving your dog treats as a bad habit as it can lead to obesity.

5. Consistency Is Key

The main mistake many people make is giving up when they get tired. That’s a big No-No – dachshunds, like all other dogs, learn through repetition. 

In short, figuring out how to train a mini dachshund doesn’t include any special skills or trade secrets. It’s just a matter of persistence and the right attitude. 

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