6 Dachshund Puppy Growth Stages And What To Expect


If this is your first time owning a Doxie, you’re probably wondering what are the 6 dachshund puppy growth stages and what to expect from them.

The Main Dachshund Puppy Growth Stages

We can divide the dachshund puppy growth stages in several different ways. Most simply look at the big three – puppy, adult, and senior.


The newborn stage can itself be divvied up into a few dachshund puppy growth stages: - Nursing age - Weaning-off - Weaned-off 

A puppy that doesn’t eat milk and electric heating pads anymore is officially not “a newborn” anymore. Instead, it gets into the age of roaming around the house, getting into constant mischief


On average, most dachshunds will stop growing around 8 or 9 months of age. They can continue growing a little bit up to their first birthday but that’s rare. 

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