9 Curious Facts About Miniature Dachshunds


Mini and standard dachshunds are essentially the exact same dogs, breeders have just divided the shorter and taller dachshunds into different sets.

9 Facts About Miniature Dachshunds

1. Miniature Dachshunds Are Exactly The Same As Standard Dachshunds – Just Smaller 2. Mini Doxies Can Be A Bit More Expensive But That’s Only Due To Higher Demand 

9 Facts About Miniature Dachshunds

3. These Tiny Dogs Were Also Bred For Hunting and Not Just As Pets – Not Initially 4. Miniature Dachshunds Aren’t Even The Smallest Type Of Dachshund

5. While They Are Just As Healthy As Standard Dachshunds, Mini Doxies Can Have Issues If They Are Bred Improperly

9 Facts About Miniature Dachshunds

9 Facts About Miniature Dachshunds

6. Miniature Dachshunds Can Be Quite Obstinate Due To Their Hound Heritage


7. If You Don’t Socialize and Train Your Little Pet, You Can Expect It To Get Napoleon Complex 8. Miniature Dachshunds Are Passionate Diggers

9 Facts About Miniature Dachshunds

9. These Tiny Pups Will Follow Their Noses Wherever They Lead Them

Suffice it to say that there are as many sides to this breed as there are skips in their steps. To really get to know them, however, the best thing you can do is get a miniature dachshund of your own.

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