9 Main Miniature Dachshund Health Issues You Should Know


Dachshunds often get a bad rep in terms of health, especially when they are of the mini variety. So, here are the 9 main miniature dachshund health issues you should know about.

9 Common Miniature Dachshund Health Issues

Naturally, dachshunds can suffer from literally hundreds of different conditions. This sounds scary but it’s no different from any other breed or even humans, for that matter.

What Are The Average Annual Medical Expenses For Miniature Dachshund Health Issues?

There isn’t a specific price range we can point to as this is widely dependent on the country/state/city you live in as well as how well you care for your dog.

A bit factor many people unfortunately ignore is where you get your dog from.

The Importance Of Health Certificates For Genetic Predispositions and Miniature Dachshund Health Issues

How Do You Know If A Dog Breeder Is “Reputable”?

Aside from reading reviews and consulting with experts, the other big tell-tell is whether the breeder is offering a health certificate for the pup.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Miniature Dachshund?

The standard expected lifespan of mini Doxies is up to 16 years on average. It’s possible to go beyond that too with good food, good care, adequate exercise, and a bit of luck.

If you want to avoid miniature dachshunds because of their health risks you might as well avoid all other dog breeds too. 

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