Can Dogs Eat Maraschino Cherries Or Are The Drawbacks Too High?

Figuring out what dogs can and cannot eat can be a long process. For example, can dogs eat maraschino cherries, or are the drawbacks too high?

Can Dogs Eat Maraschino Cherries?

Yes but also no. Technically speaking, there isn’t much that would happen to a healthy dog from eating a single maraschino cherry.

Is Sugar The Only Drawback Of Maraschino Cherries For Dogs?

Yes, but that’s not a small problem to have. The problem with sugar for dogs is that they don’t need to – or should – consume even just a bit of it.

In an extremely strict moderation – sure. Hypothetically speaking, if you give your dog something like one or two maraschino cherries a week

Can Dogs Eat Maraschino Cherries In Moderation?

Do Maraschino Cherries Have Any Benefits For Dogs Whatsoever?

In the interest of fairness, it should be said that cherries do have pretty good antioxidant properties.

Dogs can but really shouldn’t eat maraschino cherries. The sugar content is just too high for maraschinos to be worth it as treats. So, you should not only avoid giving these to your dog but you should keep them out of reach too.

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