Dachshund and Min Pin Mix and All Its Awesome Peculiarities


If you’re looking for a dog that’s affectionate, playful, and incredibly cute, look no further than the dachshund and min pin mix and all its awesome peculiarities.

What Does The Dachshund And Min Pin Mix Look Like?

Naturally, this is a pretty small breed. On average, you can expect a Doxie Pie to grow up to 9-13 inches in height (23 to 33 cm) and 10 to 25 lbs in weight (4.5 to 11 kg).

How About Their Health?

• Intervertebral Disc Disease • Elbow Dysplasia • Hip Dysplasia • Ear infections • Patellar Luxation • Legg-Calve Perthes Disease • Obesity

Dachshund and min pin mix does need a good 60 minutes of outdoor time every day, preferably divided into two walks and not counting any yard time.

Exercise Needs

What’s The Personality Of The Doxie Pin?

These dogs tend to be incredibly affectionate, social, and even gentle once playtime is over. 

Is The Dachshund And Min Pin Mix The Right Pet For You?

playful and energetic but not outright tireless, and one that’s affectionate and loving but isn’t a lap dog – the dachshund and min pin mix might be the perfect dog for you.

They are also highly intelligent even though this is likely to express itself through disobedience and mischievousness rather than anything else.

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