Dachshund and Min Pin Mix and All Its Awesome Peculiarities

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If you’re looking for a dog that’s affectionate, playful, and incredibly cute, look no further than the dachshund and min pin mix and all its awesome peculiarities. This crossbreed doesn’t just wear the funny moniker of “Doxie Pin”.

These dogs can bring lots of laughter to your household too. Quite energetic, lively, and adventurous, they are also great cuddlers once they get tired. Does that make them a good pick for your family, however, or are there some key issues you need to know about?

What Does The Dachshund And Min Pin Mix Look Like?

Naturally, this is a pretty small breed. On average, you can expect a Doxie Pie to grow up to 9-13 inches in height (23 to 33 cm) and 10 to 25 lbs in weight (4.5 to 11 kg). The coat will usually be short or medium-long as well as dense and straight. If the mix was done with a long or wire-haired dachshund, however, some variation is possible.

The colors you can expect to see most often are black, red, brown, fawn, merle, wheaten, or tan, usually in a bi-color or solid pattern. The shedding should be pretty manageable but not outright insignificant.

How About Their Health?

The Doxie Pin can either be impressively healthy or have a myriad of health issues, depending on its parents. That’s why it’s important to always ask for a health certificate for the dog you’re getting and its parents. Without that – and without good care – you can expect to encounter any or a few of the following conditions:

  • Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Ear infections
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Legg-Calve Perthes Disease
  • Obesity

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Exercise Needs

You’d think a small dog equals small exercise needs and that’s usually correct. The Doxie Pin can surprise you with its energy levels, however.  They may still not be as tireless as a lab or a husky but the dachshund and min pin mix does need a good 60 minutes of outdoor time every day, preferably divided into two walks and not counting any yard time.

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Dachshund and Min Pin Mix

What’s The Personality Of The Doxie Pin?

The best thing about the dachshund and min pin mix is their adorable personality. These dogs are not the most trainable breed out there even after the must-have obedience training early on. As family pets, however, they are positively wonderful.

These dogs tend to be incredibly affectionate, social, and even gentle once playtime is over. They are also highly intelligent even though this is likely to express itself through disobedience and mischievousness rather than anything else.

The biggest thing to watch out for, however, is their tendency for separation anxiety. This is something typical for all highly affectionate dog breeds and the Doxie pin is no exception.

As far as socialization is concerned – it’s easy but also definitely essential. Without socialization, these dogs can be intolerant toward strangers and get overly yappy. With it, however, they tend to be social, friendly, and outgoing. So, it’s up to you what kind of pet you’re going to get.

If your dog does get overly loud – be it due to a lack of socialization or because of separation anxiety – there are no-bark training practices you can look into but the easiest way to go about it is to just avoid getting to that problem in the first place. So, just socialize your dog well, avoid prolonged separation, and you should get an affectionate and happy pet. Ghostwriter klausur is very fond of dogs and advises to take your pet seriously and to choose food and care competently.

What’s The Personality Of The Doxie Pin

Is The Dachshund And Min Pin Mix The Right Pet For You?

If you want an indoorsy but active pet, one that’s playful and energetic but not outright tireless, and one that’s affectionate and loving but isn’t a lap dog – the dachshund and min pin mix might be the perfect dog for you.

However, if you plan on leaving your dog home alone for long or if you can’t give it the necessary training and socialization, there might be better breeds for you out there.


What is a min pin and Dachshund mix called?

The most common name you’ll usually see for this adorable crossbreed is the Doxie Pin. But if you go with Doxie Min Pin or Min Pin Doxie, people will certainly understand what you’re talking about.

How much does a Doxie Pin cost?

As a non-purebred crossbreed, it’s difficult to cite an exact price average for the Doxie Pin. That also keeps the price fairly low, however, and you should be able to find Doxie Pins for somewhere between $250 and $1,000 at most breeders. They can also be found in shelters and rescues, usually for free or for a low nominal free.
The only cases where a Doxie Pin’s price would be significantly higher would be when it’s mixed with a particularly rare and sought-after parent sub-breeds such as an English Cream Dachshund, a Wildboar, or something similar. However, such crosses are incredibly rare not only because the parent breeds are rare but also because their breeders would almost never breed them into a cross.

How long do min pin dachshunds live?

The expected lifespans of dachshunds and miniature pinschers are virtually identical – between 12 and 16 years on average. So, that’s exactly how long you can expect min pin dachshunds to live too, on average. That last part is important as a healthy dog that gets well taken care of can easily surpass that average too.

Is a min pin a good family dog?

Overall – yes, very much so. Of course, it depends on what type of family we’re talking about. These dogs are incredibly affectionate and get overly attached to their owners incredibly easily. However, that last part can be an issue for households that need to leave their dogs home alone for too long.
Additionally, the Doxie Pin isn’t the most easily trainable dog in the world. That’s usually not a problem for a family pet but if you want something more or if you are a novice dog owner yourself, this can lead to some domestic turmoil.
But, as a whole, if by “family dog” we mean a canine that’s social, affectionate, playful, and sweet – the Doxie Pin fits this description to a teeth.