What Does An EE Cream Long Haired Dachshund Look Like?

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EE cream long haired dachshund dogs are a fascinating combination of two unique genes. As such, they have a very gorgeous combination of colors on their coats. So, let’s examine what an EE cream for long-haired dachshunds looks like below.

What Is An EE Cream Long Haired Dachshund?

Cream dachshunds are very much what they sound like – dachshunds with coats of a soft cream color. This cream color is essentially a diluted red or tan color – the two most common dachshund coats.


What Does It Mean For A Dog’s Coat To Be A “Diluted Color”?

Such dogs simply carry the D dilute genetic locust – it’s a rare genetic trait that dilutes the base color of the dog’s coat. So, dogs that would have otherwise had black color, have a blueish grey color. Dogs that would have been brown, become Isabella. And, dogs that would have been red, become cream.

How About The EE, What Does This Stand For?

This is simply a different genetic trait that also affects the dog’s coat color. The E genetic locust is the one that gives the dog’s coat a black color. So, if a dog has a dominant E locust (EE or Ee combination instead of ee), then the dog will have black hair.

And because the dachshund we’re talking about has both the EE loci and a the diluted loci for a cream color, the end result is a cream coat with black tips of some of the dog’s hair. This effect looks gorgeous on a long haired dachshund.

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Shaded Or Sable? – EE Cream Long Haired Dachshund

What does it mean for a dog’s hairs to have black tips? Are there black hairs or just tips?

This is basically the difference between shaded and sable dachshunds. The EE cream long haired dachshund we’re talking about is essentially a “shaded cream dachshund” – it doesn’t have hair that’s fully black but it just have black tips on some of its cream-colored hairs, usually on the ears and back.

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Sable dachshunds, on the other hand, are dachshunds that have whole-length black hairs mixed with their other color. So, a red sable long haired dachshund, for example, a very high-valued coat type, is a long haired dachshund that has both red and black hairs in its coat, mixed in an awesome red sable pattern.

The shaded cream or EE cream long haired dachshund, just has black tips on some cream hairs, giving it a different, but also gorgeous coat pattern.

Are EE Cream Long Haired Dachshund Dogs More Valuable Than Clean Cream Dachshunds?

This is a curious question as it can be counter-intuitive for some people. You’d think that introducing a separate genetic trait that further spices up the dog’s base color would be considered valuable and sought after. However, Clean Cream long haired dachshunds, also called English Cream long haired dachshunds, are considered more valuable than shaded cream or EE cream long haired dachshunds.

There are two reasons for that:

  1. Because the Clean Cream is viewed as “pure” and therefore more valuable.
  2. Because the E locust is dominant, meaning that dogs with black color tips (EE and Ee) are more common than dogs with no black color at all (ee loci) – so, the English Clean Cream is rarer.

So, even though the shaded cream is undeniably gorgeous, collectors and breeders do value clean creams higher than shaded creams. Hence why the former also tends to usually be more expensive than the latter by a few hundred dollars per pup. Still, the shaded cream is also a highly valued and pricey dog as they are far from rare or “ordinary” themselves.

Are EE Cream Long Haired Dachshund Dogs More Valuable Than Clean Cream Dachshunds

Conclusion On EE Cream Long Haired Dachshund

All in all, the EE cream long haired dachshund is a rare, gorgeous, and very valuable dachshund coat type. It may not be the most rare or most expensive coat type but it’s up there for sure. The guys at diplomarbeit schreiben lassen are huge dog lovers and helped with the design of the text for this article.


What is EE cream in Dachshunds?

Clean Cream or English Cream dachshunds are a rare and very highly-valued and sought-after Doxie coat type. As the name implies, they have a clean creamy color all across their coats, whether those coats are long, wiry, or short.
The EE gene introduces a wrinkle, however – a touch of black that colors the tips of some of the cream hairs of the dachshund’s coat. This doesn’t make the dachshund’s coat have fully black spots, instead, it just turns some parts of the cream coat slightly darker, giving it a shaded look. That’s why these dogs are also called shaded cream dachshunds.

Are cream Dachshunds rare?

Clean Cream or English Cream dachshunds are quite rare indeed. Not as much as some of the rarest dachshund coat types such as the fully black dachshunds, but close. Naturally, this gives cream dachshunds a very high value and price. It’s not surprising to see purebred English Cream dachshund puppies sold for as much as $2,000 to $2,500 or even more – in some cases up to $5,000.

What color are cream Dachshunds born?

English Cream dachshunds can look almost fully white when they are born and they slowly fill in with a cream color as they grow. There is a slight misconception among people that cream dachshunds are actually black when they are born.
That’s true, in a way, but only if we’re talking about shaded cream dachshunds. Because these dogs have the EE genetic loci fo black color, their coats also have a touch of black in addition to the cream. So, they start black instead of white and then they also fill in with a cream color as they grow. When people talk about cream dachshunds, however, they usually mean the clean English cream coat color and those Doxies start off almost white.

How do I get a cream Dachshund?

Due to how rare they are, cream dachshunds can hardly be found in shelters and rescues. Occasionally finding one in a pet store or puppy mill is possible but the health of puppies sold there is questionable. So, your best bet is to search for reputable dachshund breeders in your area. I may have to search for a bit, especially if you want a bargain price, but you should be able to find an awesome cream dachshund puppy soon.