Long Haired Black And Tan Mini Dachshund And What You Need To Know About It

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When picking a dachshund, you have dozens of coat, color, and size options to choose from. Here, we’ll look at the long haired black and tan mini dachshund and what you need to know about it.

Are these dogs rare? Are they properly bred and healthy compared to other dachshunds? Do they have any behavioral or physical specifics you should know about? Are they difficult to find and costly to purchase? Let’s address all these questions below.

Are Long Haired Black And Tan Mini Dachshund Pups Rare?

Not at all. The black and tan bi-color combination is the most common color type for dachshunds. Granted, it is especially common in smooth (or short) haired dachshunds as those are the most common coat type compared to wire and long-haired dachshunds. However, even in long-haired Doxies, the black and tan bi-color is still very common, even more so than the classic red long-haired dachshund coat type.

As for whether the miniature size variety makes these dogs rarer – technically, looking for any extra specific will narrow your search. That being said, mini dachshunds are very popular and common nowadays and they are bred by almost any breeder that also breeds standard dachshunds. So, even if you’re looking for a dog that’s miniature as well as long-haired, you should still have no trouble finding a black and tan pup.

Are Long Haired Black And Tan Mini Dachshund Pups Rare

Of course, when we’re talking about black and tan bi-color dachshunds, we don’t mean coat types such as sable, shaded, Wild Boar, and others. While these coat types also technically include a combination of black and tan, black and cream, or black and red, they are not considered a standard bi-color black and tan dog. Instead, they are specific coat patterns that look very different from a bi-color dachshund.

The dogs we call “black and tan” are those that have distinct and separate fully black and fully tan sections of hairs on their coats that don’t overlap and mix the way a sable or shaded dachshund’s coat does.

Are Long Haired Black And Tan Mini Dachshund Pups As Healthy As Other Dachshunds?

If they are bred well then – yes, there’s no reason to worry that your pup will be more sickly than a dachshund of a different color. Black and tan mini long haired dachshunds don’t have any extra health problems so you will only need to watch out for the standard stuff such as Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) and others.

To be sure that the pup you’re getting is indeed as healthy as possible, all you need to do is ask the breeder for a health certificate and a hereditary certificate, guaranteeing the lack of any hereditarily-passed diseases from the pup’s parents.

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Long Haired Black And Tan Mini Dachshund

Are Long Haired Black And Tan Mini Dachshund Pups Expensive?

Not any more expensive than other dachshunds, no. Miniature dachshunds are typically a bit more expensive than standard ones, however, the black and tan variety is common enough to keep the price low. So, you should expect a price that’s pretty close to the breed’s average of about $400 to $1,000.

Should You Get A Mini Black And Tan Long Haired Dachshund?

There’s absolutely no reason not to! These dogs are easy to find, popular, healthy, gorgeous, well-behaved, calm, and social, and they don’t have any extra exercise or health requirements compared to other dachshunds. Thanks to the bit of spaniel in all long haired dachshunds, such pups are also more laid back and well-mannered compared to short and wire haired dachshunds. So, just find a healthy pup you like, bring it home whenever you want, and remember to give it the care and love it needs and deserves.


What are black and tan Dachshunds called?

A black and tan dachshund is quite simply called “a black and tan dachshund”. There isn’t really a special name for this color variation such as “Wild Boar”, “Sable”, or “English Cream”. In fact, black and tan dachshunds are one of the most – if not the most – common color type of Doxie which is also why people haven’t felt the need to give it a specific name.
That being said, there are some rarer dachshund color types that are technically a combination of the colors black and tan. The wirehaired Wild Boar dachshund, for example, is a combination of lighter, usually tan, hairs mixed with darker grey or black hairs. Sable and shaded dachshunds are similar in that regard too. That’s normal given that all dachshund color variations are based on the colors black and red/tan.
However, when we talk about “black and tan dachshunds” we exclusively mean the standard bi-color dog coat with large portions of clear black and clear tan colors.

Are black and tan Dachshunds rare?

Not really, black and tan Doxies are one of the most common color variations together with full red dachshunds. If you look for a black and tan dachshund that’s also long haired and miniature in size, for example, you will be narrowing your search down a bit but even then you should have little issue finding dachshunds of this type in shelters and at breeders.

How can you tell if a Dachshund is a double dapple?

The practical and genetic difference between a dapple and a double dachshund is that the former has only one dapple parent while the latter has two. Aside from looking into your pup’s genealogy or meeting its parents, however, the visual way to distinguish a dapple dachshund from a double dapple is to just look at how much white is present in the dog’s coat. This isn’t a fool-proof method as some single dapple dachshunds will have more white while double dapples will occasionally have less white than expected. Overall, however, most single dapples will have less than 40% to 50% of their coat colored in white while most double dapples will be more than 50% white – often even more than 80%.

What is the most popular dachshund?

Black and tan dachshunds are by far the most common color type of Doxie, especially for smooth haired dachshunds. Full red dachshunds are close too but not as common as black and tan.