How Much Do Miniature Dachshunds Cost and Why?

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Some dog breeds can be quite pricier than others so it’s perfectly natural to wonder how much do miniature dachshunds cost and why? “Designer breeds” like the mini Doxie are almost always significantly pricier than other dog breeds, even those similar to them. This may be normal, however, a hefty 4-digit price tag can be a big turn-off for a lot of people. So, how much do miniature dachshunds cost, is the price worth it, and crucially – does it come with any additional drawbacks?

How Much Do Miniature Dachshunds Cost On Average?

According to most kennel clubs, a purebred miniature dachshund can cost anywhere between $1,500 and $2,500. There are even more expensive mini dachshunds, however. Even a quick browsing session across online breeder sites will show you mini Doxies costing as much as $4,000, $5,000, and in rare cases – as much as $10,000!

At the same time, if you go to your local pet store you may find miniature dachshunds that cost as little as a few hundred bucks – not even a thousand dollars! This is quite a huge difference for – supposedly – the same breed and type of pup.

Why Does The Miniature Dachshund Price Vary So Much?

A part of the reason is due to certain dachshund coat types, patterns, and colors being rarer than others. Like standard dachshunds, mini Doxies can come in three basic coat types – smooth, wire-haired, and long-haired. They can also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, some more expensive than others.

The rarest of all is the full-black dachshund coat. This can seem weird at first as black is a very common color for Doxies. However, black is almost always a part of a color combination with one or more other colors. Fully black mini dachshunds are therefore especially rare, sought-after, and expensive.

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The rarity and specific characteristics of the pup are only one piece of the price puzzle, however. Another big reason for the varying prices lays in the origin of the dog. Usually, there are three common places where you can get a mini dachshund.

Professional and Reputable Dog Breeders

“Reputable” is the important word here – many dog breeders try to be that but few actually are. A reputable dog breeder makes sure to always breed their dogs responsibly. This includes accounting for hereditary diseases and conditions, outbreeding undesirable characteristics and generally making sure that every new pup Is as healthy as possible. Good dog breeders also give their pups excellent care from the day they are born to the day someone comes to take them home.

A reputable dog breeder should always give you a health certificate for the pup you’re taking. What’s more, they should also offer you health certificates for the dog’s parents. And, if you want to see the parents and their litter – you should be allowed to.

How does all this affect the price? It usually bumps it up significantly. Miniature dachshunds from good dog breeders will commonly cost at or above the upper end of the overall average.

Pet Stores and Puppy Mills

We mention these together as almost all dogs in pet stores come from puppy mills. The key thing to note about puppy mills is that – on average – they don’t tend to breed their dogs responsibly. Puppy mills often disregard adequate breeding practices, ignore the heredity of certain genetic conditions, aren’t too careful with inbreeding, and don’t take an overly good care of their puppies.

So, while their prices are usually tempting and can be on – or even below – the average range, they usually aren’t worth it.

Shelters and Rescues

Yes, even designer dogs like the mini dachs can be found in rescues and shelters. Granted, they are rare but not as much as you think. Most shelters will ask for a price tag on designer dogs like mini dachshunds too as they need to recoup at least a portion of the cost they’ve invested into saving and caring for the dog.

The price will still be in the 3-digits, however, which is very low-cost for a mini dachshund. Besides, not all mini Doxies in shelters are purebred. It is important to make sure the dog is as healthy as possible, however.

In short, how much do miniature dachshunds cost depends largely on where you’re getting them from.

How Do Mini Dachshund Prices Differ From Those Of Standard Dachshunds?

The official average cost of purebred standard dachshund puppies today ranges between $350 and $3,500. This is still quite a wide diapason. The most expensive standard dachshunds are usually sold for as much due to their rare coats and excellent bloodline. However, even they are not as expensive as the priciest mini dachshunds.

How Much Are Miniature Dachshunds Affected By Health Issues Due To Overbreeding?

The health issues of mini dachshunds are usually very comparable to those of standard dachshunds. However, overbreeding can be an issue with mini Doxies as it is with all other designer dogs. This is a big reason why we always recommend that you avoid puppy mills.

A reputable breeder may put a more sizable price tag on their dogs but he’ll also make sure that the dogs are as healthy as possible. And, if you’ve looked after dogs before, you should know that the main expense comes years down the line and not at the time of the initial purchase.

In Conclusion, How Much Do Miniature Dachshunds Cost, and Is The Price Tag Worth It?

So, is a mini dachshund worth the price? This will depend largely on how you look at it and what you compare the price to.

Is a pricier mini dachs’ cost worth it compared to a more inexpensive mini dachs from a puppy mill or a pet store? Yes, almost always. The health benefits you get from a well-bred dog far outweigh the lower cost offered by most puppy mills. Saving several hundred or even over a thousand dollars on the purchase may feel tempting but when those nasty vet bills start coming several years later you may regret it.

Is a mini dachs’ high price worth it compared to other, more affordable dog breeds? That depends entirely on your preferences. Yes, you can buy and adopt a lot of great dogs for a fraction of the price of a mini dachs. You just need to make up your mind on what kind of dog you want.

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