Mini Dachshund Chest Size, Harnesses, Health Issues, And More

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Miniature dachshunds are adorably small but it’s important to know exactly how small. So, let’s talk about mini dachshund chest size, harnesses, health issues, and more. After all, while most people focus on the length of Doxies, certain other measurements are arguably more important.

Figuring out how wide your dachshund’s chest is can give you insight into what type of harness you should get, how big your Doxies’ clothes need to be, as well as whether the little pup is still in good health. We’ll go over each point below.

What’s The Average Mini Dachshund Chest Size?

Most of the time, the miniature dachshund’s chest size you can expect will be between 11 and 15 inches (27 to 38 cm). Some deviation is possible but anything smaller than that likely means you have a toy dachshund or that your pup isn’t all grown up yet.

Alternatively, if your dog’s chest is wider than 15 inches or 38 cm, you ought to consider if it’s actually a miniature dachshund and not a standard dachshund. For reference, adult standard dachshunds’ chest ranges between 18 and 22 inches (45 to 55 cm). Unfortunately, however, there are a few more problematic reasons why your dog’s chest might be wider than expected.

Why Is My Mini Dachshund Chest Size Too Wide?

If your dog’s chest is especially deep there might be some issues behind it. This is particularly true if the change is relatively sudden or recent. It should be relatively obvious as in most cases the chest will have started extending past the dog’s elbows, resulting in a pretty disproportionate look. The cause? Typically a build-up of fluid in the chest. That itself can be caused by any of the following:

And others. Many of those are not particularly common in dachshunds, fortunately, and most of the rest are easily avoidable with good care. Still, if your Doxie, whether mini or standard, has gotten a strangely wide chest, you should call your vet immediately.

Mini Dachshund Chest Size and Harnesses

With a chest size of 11 and 15 inches (27 to 38 cm), most miniature dachshunds fall in the Size 1 category of most harness brands such as Pugalier of London. The larger standard dachshunds are typically in Size 2 and sometimes in Size 3.

Just knowing those sizes is usually not enough for finding the right harness for your dog, however. So, while that’s worth remembering, it’s better to just go by your dog’s actual chest width. Every harness model/brand should list the specific chest widths it’s designed for in inches and/or centimeters so knowing the exact size category is usually unnecessary anyway.

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Mini Dachshund Chest Size and Clothes

Miniature dachshunds need clothes as much as any other small breed, especially in the winter. However, when dealing with dog coats and sweaters, it’s even more important to know the exact measurements of your dog’s chest. While there should still be some leeway, dog clothes’ sizes are not as adjustable as the size of harnesses.

This is quite important as loose clothing won’t keep your pup warm in the winter while if the clothes are too tight there can be a wide range of health issues quickly following. So, make sure that you measure your dachshund’s chest size as it’s arguably the most important number when it comes to dog clothes.

Of course, length is also important with dachshunds as you also need to protect your dog’s lower back. This is a common issue when it comes to dachshunds and dog clothes as most clothes are standardized for non-Doxie breeds and tend to be short for dachshunds. That’s why it’s usually wise to look for clothes designed for dachshunds specifically. Or, you can just DIY your dog’s clothes at home as that’s surprisingly quick and easy too.

If you’re wondering how to measure the mini dachshund’s chest size, that’s simple – just take the tape measure and stretch it over your dog’s upper back and around the widest part of the chest, just behind the front legs. This will give you the exact width of your dog’s chest.

Mini Dachshund Chest Size and Clothes

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In Conclusion, The Min Dachshund Chest Size and Why It Matters?

Miniature dachshunds are not “barrel-chested” by any means but they do have wider chests than other miniature breeds. This is worth noting as knowing your dog’s chest width and the breed’s standard will help you better monitor your dog’s health. It’s also important for clothing and harnesses – both things dachshunds really need as collars are ill-advised for this breed and going out naked in the winter is usually a bad idea.


What is the average chest size of a dachshund?

Standard dachshunds tend to have a chest depth or width of 18 to 22 inches or 45 to 55 cm. This means that they fall in the Size 2 category of most harness and collar brands as that typically ranges between 17 and 21 inches (43 to 53 cm). If your dachshund’s chest is at the upper end of the breed’s standard, it will technically be in the Size 3 category. Either way, it’s always smart to go by the actual inches/cm than a brand’s size.

What size harness does a miniature dachshund need?

Most mini Doxies have an average chest size of 11 to 15 inches or 27 to 38 cm. This puts them in the Size 1 category of most harness brands and models which typically ranges between 13 and 17 inches or 33 and 43 cm. Even if your mini dachshund’s chest is wider than the breed’s standard, as long as it’s under 17 inches, it’d still fall in the Size 1 category.

How do you measure a dachshund chest?

When we think of a dog’s chest, we usually think of the area under the neck and in front of the legs. Why that is a part of the chest too, the part we actually measure is directly behind the front legs. That’s the widest or deepest part – just take the tape measure and toss it across your dog’s back and down around the chest behind the legs. No other measurements are needed.